This App Identifies Plants From Pictures

Last updated : 28 August 2015
Plant identification app that identifies plants from a photo

I don’t know how many times someone has sent me a picture and asked me to identify their “mystery plant”. Countless times! There’s now a solution… at least for anyone who owns a smartphone. (It was brought to my attention that this app was really made to identify plants from Western Europe. I didn’t realize… Click here to read more…

This Really Cool Flower Pot Grows With Your Plant

Last updated : 26 August 2015
Expanding Flower Pot

This invention, designed by these twin sisters, is absolutely brilliant! It uses an origami-based design that allows the pot to expand to fit the sized of the plant as it grows. Bike and Begum Ayaskan, the twin designer duo, call it Growth. You definitely need to check out their website and look at the other… Click here to read more…

Cold Frame Projects

Last updated : 19 August 2015

It has been such a mild summer here, a bit rainy though. I dread thinking about the winter coming, but having lived in Ohio all of my life, it is just to be expected. While the weather is still nice, you should start working on your cold frames to overwinter your plants. If you already… Click here to read more…

How to Get Rid of Skunks

Last updated : 19 August 2015

Skunks tend to live as close to a food source as possible, so be careful to not inadvertently provide food sources for them.  Skunks eat insects, grubs, garbage, bird seed, fruit, vegetables and small mammals. In a residential area skunks usually make a home under  a garden shed, in a wood pile, a rock pile… Click here to read more…

Starting a Backyard Nursery in August

Last updated : 27 August 2015

If you are starting your backyard nursery in August, there are a number of things you should be concentrating on. In the next 8 to 12 weeks there will be some deals on rooted cuttings and liners on the Backyard Growers Business Center Buy/Sell board. If you buy them now and just plant them in… Click here to read more…

Tricolor Sedum aka Stonecrop

Last updated : 25 August 2015
Tri Color Sedum

I’ve been growing the perennial Tricolor Sedum for a couple years now. This plant makes a great border plant. It has green and white variegated leaves and a delicate pink flower that blooms in the summer. The white edges on the fleshy leaves can take on a pink-bluish color in cooler weather. It will grow… Click here to read more…

Why Do Tomatoes Split?

Last updated : 19 August 2015

It is very common for tomatoes to split, and there are a couple of reasons for these unsightly cracks.  Split tomatoes can be caused by either moisture or heat stress. You may find tomatoes with large cracks that form concentric circles around the stem.  This  splitting is caused by moisture stress, when the fruit becomes… Click here to read more…

What is a Liner Plant?

Last updated : 17 August 2015

Almost all people who want to start their own Backyard Nursery start out with liners they purchase from other growers.  Every day in the Backyard Growers Business Center, folks are buying and selling all sizes of plants; unrooted cuttings, rooted cuttings, liners, stock plants and even seeds! Liners will typically range in size from a… Click here to read more…

Green Giant Arborvitae, Deer Proof?

Last updated : 17 August 2015

‘Green Giant’ Arborvitae, Thuja ‘Green Giant’   In the past few years Green Giant Arborviate has become a bit of an Internet sensation of the plant world.  Often touted to grow as much as 36″ per year, being billed as the perfect plant for an instant evergreen hedge.   Sounds wonderful right?  Not to me…. Click here to read more…

How to Sharpen Pruning Shears

Last updated : 17 August 2015
pruning emory cloth

These Corona pruning shears are one of my favorite tools to use all year round, and I work the heck out of them! After a while, the blades become gunked up with sap, and nicked from cutting hard branches so it’s very important that I regularly maintain the shears so they will perform properly. I… Click here to read more…

Stock Plants and Growing in Containers

Last updated : 18 August 2015
Container area with thousands of plants

Stock plants, rooted cuttings, cuttings, that’s my business. Up against the donkey fence, I have planted several stock plants to take cuttings from. They are my gold mine. I have Anabelle Hydrangea and Gold Flame Spirea among many others. The Gold Flame Spirea is just a phenomenal plant. It is easy to propagate and it… Click here to read more…

Spider Mites Eating Your Plants?

Last updated : 17 August 2015

Most Spider Mites, especially the Two Spotted Spider mite love hot weather and dry conditions, so the race is on!  Batten down the hatches and Katie bar the door, it’s Spider Mite season! Spider mites attack a variety of plants in your landscape including Burning Bush, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Boxwood, almost all spruce varieties and… Click here to read more…

Lawn Rust

Last updated : 19 August 2015

A lot of people have been wondering about the orange powder that’s getting all over their feet and shoes when they walk across their own lawn. It’s called Rust.  It’s a turf grass fungus that forms on lawns when the temperatures are warm and  the air is humid.  It’s much worse if you water your… Click here to read more…

Can You Make $100,000 From Yard Waste?

Last updated : 18 August 2015
Rooted Cuttings Waiting To Be Potted Up

Can you REALLY make $100,000.00 from yard waste?? Sounds like one of those bogus get-rich-quick scams, right? I’m sure I’ll catch some flack for even suggesting it’s possible. But guess what… I don’t care. Before I dive into that, I wanna let you know what’s been going on at my nursery. We just finished up… Click here to read more…

What’s Hot in August? Balloon Flowers

Last updated : 18 August 2015

Balloon flower, also known as Chinese bellflower, has been a favorite of many plant enthusiasts for more than 50 years, yet it’s still not found in many gardens. I hope this article and my video increase it’s popularity. Balloon-shaped flower buds pop open into beautiful blue, white, pink, or purple flowers in summer. They emerge… Click here to read more…

Growing Japanese Maple Trees in Pots

Last updated : 18 August 2015

Many people enjoy the beauty of Japanese Maple trees, but some folks don’t have room for another tree in their landscape, or they may be apartment dwellers who don’t have a yard. Fortunately for these folks, there are many dwarf and semi-dwarf varieties of Japanese Maples that can be grown quite well in containers. Any… Click here to read more…

Gardening Tips for August

Published : 5 August 2015

Gardening Tips for August From the Farmer’s Almanac 5th-7th Good days for transplanting. Root crops that can be planted now will yield well. 8th-9th Any seed planted now will tend to rot. 10th-11th Plant seedbeds and flower gardens. Good days for transplanting. Most favorable days for planting beets, onions, turnips, and other root crops. 12th-16th… Click here to read more…

The Never-Fail Annabelle Hydrangea

Last updated : 18 August 2015
Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea are the hydrangea that never fail to bloom. They bloom on current growth so the flower buds are never affected by frost or freezing temperatures.   My plants and my cuttings did just fine last winter even though it got down to -21 below zero, so they are tough as nails. The unrooted… Click here to read more…