When Tillers Go Bad

Last updated : 23 July 2015

The Swedish company Husqrvana is a manufacturer of outdoor power products including robotic mowers, garden tractors, chainsaws and trimmers. This past week Husqrvana had issued a recall on about 24,000 lawn and garden tillers due to the potential hazard caused by the transmission engaging itself and going either forward or backward without warning.  So far… Click here to read more…

Are Birds Eating All of Your Fruit?

Last updated : 23 July 2015

Nothing is more frustrating than watching all of the hard work you put into growing and nurturing your fruit or nut trees go to the birds! For years people have tried many  methods to try and deter birds and other garden moochers from eating their crops.  People have tried bird netting, sonic blasting, predator decoys… Click here to read more…

Add a Personal Touch to Your Landscape

Last updated : 23 July 2015

Mike McGroarty began his career working in nurseries and starting his own landscaping business and has developed his own personal style of landscaping. You can hire a landscaper to design a beautiful yard for you but it doesn’t have to end there. You can add your own personal touch to your yard and even re-use… Click here to read more…

Growing Potatoes in Many Ways

Last updated : 16 July 2015
potatoes in bag2

Someone once told me about growing potatoes in used tires and I thought that sounded crazy! So I searched the internet and found out there are dozens of different ways people grow potatoes! Who knew? I decided to try it myself. Experiment 1. Potato Bags Pick the site: Plant potatoes when the danger of frost… Click here to read more…

Controlling Earwigs in Your Garden and Yard

Last updated : 16 July 2015

Earwigs are unwelcome guests in most everyone’s garden or home. Earwigs can damage your plants, but they rarely bite people. These ¾” long, reddish brown insects look particularly formidable, with their rear pincers and quick movements. Their name comes from an old European superstition that these nocturnal insects will crawl into the ears, and then… Click here to read more…

Tips on Pruning Deciduous Plants

Last updated : 14 July 2015

A deciduous plant is a plant that loses it’s leaves during the winter. The opposite of an evergreen. Today I have for you an article, some photos, and a video about pruning deciduous shrubs. Basically you are going to learn why it’s so important to prune on a regular basis, and exactly how much you… Click here to read more…

Why Some Summer Squash Doesn’t Mature

Last updated : 17 July 2015

It happens all too often. You’ll see big blossoms on your summer squash plants and tiny little squashes forming behind the blossoms. But after a few days the blossom dries up and the tiny squash shrivels and turns brown. Why does this happen? There are a number of reasons why this may be occurring in… Click here to read more…

My Nursery and Donkey Points

Published : 16 July 2015

I’ve had some new business cards printed by Vista.com and I have to tell you that they make it very easy to design your own card. Plus they are reasonably priced and have quick service. I set my cards out on the table and people grab them up! My cards have a photo of Pam,… Click here to read more…

Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

Last updated : 29 May 2015
parasitic wasp

Last week’s blog post was all about how beneficial insects can help you fight plant-eating insects in your garden. But if there aren’t any beneficial insects in your garden, they can’t come to your aid. This week you will learn how to attract beneficial insects to your garden. There are a variety of common plants… Click here to read more…