How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Last updated : 21 May 2015
veg garden toad

How to Start a Vegetable Garden More people these days, like me, want to start a vegetable garden for the very first time. But if you have no experience in vegetable gardening, you may not know how to begin. Growing your own food doesn’t require a lot of money or fancy gadgets. You can start… Click here to read more…

The Canadian Buy/Sell Board

Published : 19 May 2015
green velvet boxwood

Well we finally have some selling and buying happening on the Canadian Backyard Growers Business Center Buy/Sell Board. You simply cannot beat these prices! If you take the $7 thirty day trial, you can scoop up these great plants! Plants for sale on the Canadian Buy/Sell Board 5/19/15 5 un   – .95              Emerald ‘n… Click here to read more…

How to Grow Delicious Strawberries

Last updated : 14 May 2015

Holy Cow!  Are we having a blast or what? Congratulations to all of my Backyard Growers who are on fire with excitement, success and enthusiasm.  I promise, this is without a doubt, the most fun you can have with your bibs on! How to Grow the Most Delicious Strawberries in Your Garden. Strawberries are easy… Click here to read more…

Edge a Bed Like a Pro

Last updated : 13 May 2015

One of the most important components of creating a landscape project is digging out the bed. People often ask me what they should do to separate the bed from the grass and weeds and to keep the soil from the bed from washing away. You can go and ask any employee at a big box… Click here to read more…

Tips on Planting Asparagus

Last updated : 11 May 2015
asparagus growth

Asparagus hates weeds. We may see it in the wild on the side of the road but that is wild and we are growing a different variety and they hate weeds and get choked off by weeds. I spoke to a guy that deals with lots of asparagus. He tells me to soak them in… Click here to read more…

Easy Tree Stump Removal

Last updated : 19 May 2015
Nursery Spade

I’ve seen many people struggle trying to remove dead tree stumps in their yard. In order to successfully and safely remove tree stumps, you have to have the right tools. If you are removing an entire tree, make sure don’t cut it so far down that you don’t have any trunk to use as leverage…. Click here to read more…

Crazy, Curly, Corkscrew Willow

Published : 12 May 2015

Golden Curls Willow, Salix matsudana tortuosa The Golden Curls Willow, also called Corkscrew Willow by some,  is a fun and interesting tree with an elegant and graceful appearance.   This Golden Curls Weeping Willow is in my front yard.  At the end of the growing season I always trim it up about as high as… Click here to read more…

Some Helpful Tips About Rose Care

Last updated : 23 April 2015

Look at this Rainbow’s End rose bush! This plant has so many different color blooms and it is just an incredible addition to your landscape. When pruning roses you want to keep them somewhat compact, and remove the dead flowers because if you don’t remove the dead flowers then the plant concentrates its energy on… Click here to read more…

Best Pruning Shears

Last updated : 20 May 2015
Corona 3160BP

We get a lot of emails from our readers.  One question often asked is: Which brand of pruning shears does Mikes use?  This question is an easy one for me to answer. If you were to swing by the nursery right now, you’d find Mike there in his bib overalls.  The way he looks in his… Click here to read more…