Summer Pruning Tips

Last updated : 29 May 2015

This is my strategy for pruning trees and shrubs around my house during the summer: If they look like they need pruning, then by all means prune them! Yeah, you might cut off a few flower buds if you prune at the wrong time, but it’s small price to pay to have nice looking plants… Click here to read more…

Garden Slugs, Nature’s Slimy Thugs

Last updated : 1 June 2015

SLUGS…..YUCK!!! Who is chewing all those ragged holes in the leaves of your beautiful plants?  It could very well be slugs or snails. Garden slugs like to hide in dark, moist places during the day, and at night they crawl out of their hidey holes to munch on your plants or ripening vegetables.  The evidence… Click here to read more…

Hot Summer Lawn Survival Guide

Last updated : 27 May 2015
Sprinkler watering lawn

It’s hot, it’s dry, and you might be experiencing near drought conditions if you’ve had no, or little rain in the past few weeks.How do you keep your lawn alive? If you’re in a northern climate your lawn is likely made up of cool season grasses. Cool season grasses green up very early in the… Click here to read more…

How to Propagate Roses From Seed

Published : 26 June 2015

Rose propagation can be an interesting hobby for those who enjoy growing these beautiful flowers. To produce plants that are exact duplicates of the parent plant one would propagate roses with cuttings. But rose propagation from seeds can be a fun experiment, even though this propagation method does not produce duplicates of the parent plant…. Click here to read more…

10 Plants that Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Last updated : 21 May 2015

10 Plants that repel mosquitos You spend years planning and building your dream backyard patio. Then, as you sit enjoying your backyard, you hear the dreaded buzz of a mosquito as it zips past your ear. What’s a person to do? Do you run back inside your house in fear? No way! Take back your… Click here to read more…

How To Grow Blueberry Plants From A Cutting

Last updated : 24 June 2015
blueberry cuttings

Growing blueberry plants from cuttings is a quick and easy way to get new bushes. Cuttings can be done from both hardwood and softwood, but hardwood cuttings tend to be easier to work with and more likely to root properly. Hardwood cuttings are best taken in the late winter or early spring, before the leaf… Click here to read more…

How to Grow Clematis

Last updated : 14 May 2015
clematis 1

How to Grow Clematis Clematis has a rich history traced as far back as the 17th century when they were first introduced from China to Japanese Gardens. In time, selected clematis varieties journeyed to European gardens in the 18th century. They have long been prized for their showy flower displays and are wonderful climbers for… Click here to read more…

7 Tips for Growing Strawberries in a Container

Last updated : 27 May 2015
Strawberry pot

If you’re a strawberry lover, few things make you smile more than fresh strawberries. Sure grocery store strawberries are good but when they are grown in a garden or container you control the ripeness at picking and there is the personal satisfaction of knowing you grew them yourself. But you’ve heard strawberries are difficult to… Click here to read more…