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How to Prune Apple Trees

Last updated : 17 October 2014
apple 1

Pruning apple trees is usually best accomplished during late fall or early winter as the tree goes into dormancy. This will let you see better what you are cutting and how each branch you remove affects the look of the tree. Pruning apple trees to keep them healthy and to help make lots of fruit […]

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DIY Straw Bale Gardening

Last updated : 28 October 2014
straw bale gardening

Straw bale gardening gives you advantages over growing a garden in the conventional way. Straw, as it decomposes, often provides better nutrients, and a better growing medium than your soil. If you don’t have enough space, straw bales are an ideal way to grow in small spaces like on a patio, deck or balcony. Straw […]

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How to Can Tomatoes From Your Garden

Last updated : 16 October 2014
canning tomatoes

How to can tomatoes from your garden. Canning is one of the most popular ways to preserve delicious, garden fresh tomatoes. Assemble the following tools: Large canning pot with jar rack (also called a canner).  A very large stock pot that will allow room for the jars to be covered by at least 2 inches […]

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DIY Squirrel Trap

Last updated : 23 October 2014
squirrel trap 7

Ground squirrels can damage many food-bearing and ornamental plants. They will enter gardens and devour vegetables in the seedling stage, gnaw on plastic sprinkler heads and irrigation lines, eat the eggs of ground-nesting birds and can  be quite destructive.  This humane DIY squirrel trap can help you eliminate those pesky little varmints! Step 1:  Gather […]

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DIY Fruit Tree Netting

Last updated : 15 October 2014
Fruit tree netting 1

How To Net Your Small Fruit Trees and Bushes If you want to keep more berries and fruits for yourself here’s an easy way to cover your fruiting plants. You can always leave one bush uncovered to feed the birds! You will find that this fruit tree netting helps protect the leaves on your plant […]

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How to Build a Potting Bench Out of Pallets

Last updated : 10 October 2014
pallet bench 1

Step 1: GATHER THE TOOLS, PALLET AND SPARE WOOD Here are some of the tools I used to build this potting bench. I also used wood glue, a building stapler and landscaping fabric. I used an 8x 4 pallet with a good half and a not quite as good half. I also needed spare wood […]

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How to Grow Lavender from Seed

Last updated : 8 October 2014

You can grow lavender from seed in 5 easy steps. Step 1: Choosing your seeds Choosing your lavender seeds is important depending on what you will be using it for.  If you plan on using it for culinary purposes, such as tea, “True Lavender” has a smooth flavor and is probably the best variety for […]

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How to Winterize Your Irrigation System

Last updated : 8 October 2014
irr 1

After a long season of watering your plants, garden and yard, it is time to take apart  and winterize your irrigation system. Step 1: Supplies White vinegar, bucket, pliers,adjustable wrench Step 2: Disconnect and empty rain barrel (if you use one) Rain barrels are excellent for catching and holding rain water.  They have to be […]

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How to Grow Strawberries in a Pot

Last updated : 6 October 2014
strawberry container

You can grow strawberries in a pot as long as they have the right soil and get enough sunlight.  Strawberries have shallow roots, so it is easy to grow them in pots, both indoors and out. You can place your strawberry plants on a balcony, patio, or indoors in front of a sunny window.  Anything […]

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DIY Chicken Feeder

Last updated : 6 October 2014
chicken feeder metal pan

This is no means an exact science.  You can create your 5-gallon  chicken feeder for less than $5. Step 1: Obtain Items and Hardware 5-gallon bucket with lid 1 Gallon Utility Pan – the one I used was a 1-gallon utility pan from Tractor Supply. 1 bolt/nut/washer – I used a ¼ inch (any size […]