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Fruit tree netting 1

DIY Fruit Tree Netting

How To Net Your Small Fruit Trees and Bushes If you want to keep more berries and fruits for yourself here's an easy way to cover your fruiting plants. You can always leave one bush uncovered to feed … Read Full Article

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chicken waterer supplies

DIY Chicken Waterer

You can create your own 5-gallon chicken waterer  for less than $5. Step 1: Obtain Items and Hardware 5 Gallon bucket 1 Gallon Utility pan-the one I used was a 1-gallon utility pan from Tractor Supply. 3/8" drill bit for drilling water … Read Full Article

Daylilly root ball

How to Transplant Daylilies

Daylilies come in a variety of colors and multiply quickly. When they are overcrowded they compete for water. Divide and transplant Daylilies to give them room to grow. The three parts of the daylily are the foliage which are the green tops, the crown which is … Read Full Article


How to Build a Compost Bin from Pallets

Step 1: Obtain Pallets and Hardware You will need 4-6 pallets that are similar in size. Check the pallets for any nails that may be loose or sticking out. A power drill, screw driver, hammer, 4-6 L brackets, 2 heavy duty strap hinges, wood screws, one gate … Read Full Article


Mums the Word!

Did you know that mums (chrysanthemums) don't have to only last one season?  With a little work, your hardy mums can survive the winter! A very important part of winterizing your mums begins when you plant them. Make sure that the soil drains well so … Read Full Article

The butterfly bush, true to its name, is a favorite of butterflies as well as bees and other pollinators.

How To Prune a Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are a favorite among many gardeners.  The showy, fragrant blooms attract all sorts of beneficial insects to your garden.  You may even find a hummingbird or two stopping by to enjoy the nectar inside the tiny flowers. When and how to prune … Read Full Article