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tool maintenance supplies

Garden Tools Care

How to Clean, Maintain, and Store Your Garden Tools Gather the required materials and tools. Materials: - Boiled linseed oil - Spray lubricant - Multi-purpose tool oil - Abrasive pad or … Read Full Article

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Heeling In Plants

What Does Heeling In Plants Mean? In the nursery business we often toss around terminology that some people get confused by.  I often suggest to people that when they buy plants late in the fall to just "heel them in" until spring.  And they often have no … Read Full Article

How To Dig and Plant a Live Christmas Tree

 Digging and Planting a Live Christmas Tree. There's nothing quite like a live Christmas tree, but do you really want to sacrifice a beautiful tree that has been growing for years just so you can have a live Christmas tree?  Or would you be interested in a … Read Full Article

how to keep bees

How to Keep Bees

This fun winter project is on how to keep bees by building Mason bee nesting boxes. You can use a block of untreated wood, a piece of firewood, hollow sticks of bamboo, or paper straws you make or buy. You can use plastic straws, but they may allow mold to … Read Full Article


Growing Japanese Maples

Tips on Growing Japanese Maples from Seed. Collect the seeds in the fall once they start to turn brown.  Here in zone 5 that happens near the end of September through October. Break the seeds apart, there are usually two seeds growing together to form the … Read Full Article

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How To Grow A Mango Tree From a Seed

You can grow a mango tree from a seed in a pot to keep it small and manageable (say 8 – 10 feet), or you can plant it in the ground for a larger tree if you live in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10b through 11. Either way, you'll get … Read Full Article