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Growing Plants in Beds

Today I’m going to talk to you about growing plants in beds, and when it makes sense and when it doesn’t. Whether you are growing plants for yourself or to sell it doesn’t really make a difference. … Read Full Article

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How to Make Your Very Own Pure Maple Syrup

MAKING MAPLE SYRUP Making maple syrup is not difficult and only requires a few supplies: A drill, a tap, a bucket or something else to collect the sap in, a pot to boil it in, a Maple tree and a lot of patience. Nobody knows who discovered how to make … Read Full Article

How to Apply Preemergent Herbicide

Preemergent herbicides are designed for application before the targeted weed germinates, and are an effective preventative method for controlling weeds. People always ask me what type of preemergent herbicide I use and I tell then Snapshot DG.  You're only … Read Full Article

To Dig or Not to Dig

Today I want to  talk to you about the difference between planting and transplanting, or "digging", planting or transplanting. Now this is something that people get confused about a lot. Digging season usually begins in late November, right around … Read Full Article


DIY Bird House

DIY Bird House Step 1: Gather the required materials and tools. Materials: - Seven lengths cut from a 1” x 6” cedar board (actual dimensions 5/8” by 5 1/2” - see note below) to create the following panels (see illustration below): -- Two 8” panels (8” x … Read Full Article