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bat house 2

Simple Bat House Plans

Why would anyone want to build a bat house?  Because bats are the primary predator of those  annoying, flying nighttime insects like mosquitoes, moths and beetles.  One bat can eat thousands of insects in one evening! And if you build a bat house for them, … Read Full Article


Preparing for Spring Plant Sales

So it's February 5th and about 12 degrees outside here in Perry, Ohio. You would think that this would be a slow time of year in the growing business, but you'd be wrong! Many of our successful growers are still buying and selling plants in anticipation … Read Full Article

hydroponic garden

How to Create a Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponics is simply growing plants in water without soil. In commercial settings liquid nutrients are utilized for this style of growing plants. This is a step by step guide for creating a very simple and extremely effective hydroponic garden system. You … Read Full Article

The Pre-Spring Gardening Checklist.

Let's see, what should we put on our pre-spring gardening checklist? I need your help with this, comment below and let me know what I missed. 1.  Get all of the remaining leaves out of my beds. 2.  Remove the tops from the perennials, Hosta, Daylilly … Read Full Article