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How to Graft Japanese Maple Trees.

Last updated : 7 November 2014

Japanese Maple Grafting DVD, three people get it free!

Discover how to grow beautiful Japanese maples like this at home!

Acer palmatum Orido Nishiki

Acer palmatum Orido Nishiki


Lion's Head Japanese Maple

Lion’s Head Japanese Maple


Grafting your own Japanese maple trees really isn’t difficult to do once you know how.  The actual act of grafting is easy, but there are a lot of little things that determine how successful you are in your efforts.  Things like timing, temperature, how warm should the root stock be, how warm should the scion wood be, what time of the year is ideal for grafting etc.

Japanese maples are one of the most desired and intriguing plants in the plant kingdom.  For us to be able to reproduce these beautiful creatures at will is pretty exciting.

In order to graft a Japanese maple tree the first thing you need are one or more seedlings that you can graft onto.  The seedling that you use has to be in the same Japanese maple family as the desired variety that you are trying to create.  Most Japanese maples are in the acer Palmatum family.  Acer meaning a maple tree, Palmatum being a specific kind of Japanese maple.

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple

Crimson Queen Japanese Maple


Japanese maples, or even Japanese red maples are quite easy to grow from seed.  I am producing a new “How to DVD” in which I will not only teach you exactly how to grow Japanese maples from seed, but I will show you all the tricks to successfully graft these beautiful plants.

Grafting is a winter sport.  Typically grafting is done in January and February.  The seedling is stored outside where it is cold, then two to three weeks before you start grafting the seedling is move indoors where it is nice and warm, around 70 degrees.  It takes 10 to 14 days for the dormant rootstock (seedling) to come out of dormancy.  Once the rootstock starts to break dormancy, that’s the ideal time to make your graft.

The scion, which is just a fancy name for a cutting, is left outside, still attached to the tree from which it is going to be removed right up until the day that you are going to graft.  In other words, on the day that you make your graft, you want the rootstock just coming out of dormancy, but the scion still very much dormant.

Sound confusing?  I know it sounds that way, but it really is much simpler than that which is why we are making a DVD about this process

Three People Get this New DVD Absolutely Free!

Butterfly Japanese Maple

Butterfly Japanese Maple


We are going to pick three people completely at random to receive one of these new DVDs free of charge.  Just enter a comment below if you’d like to be considered for this give away.  Winners will be notified by Email.



    • Adam says

      This sounds amazing. Your video will surely help me with bonsai’s in South Africa. Thanx for all the great tips.

        • misty says

          No!No! Don’t pick him (slapping his hands down overzealously) Pick Me,Pick Me Instead! Just Kidding. I just had to throw that in there. Loved the comment.
          Mike, Your site and newsletter are absolutely the best and are so helpful. I just came in from outside to reread some of your archived newsletters to prepare for spring. (Which do you prefer zealous optimism or kissing up?) I couldn’t resist since it seemed like I was kissing up with my comment. Hope you have a great day and I really do appreciate all the info you share with us. I’m someone with a black thumb but with your tips I manage to grow beautiful flowers and shrubs. Thanks.

    • Benian says

      Mike I have 1 Japanese Maple I paid $150.00 for and I’ve been trying propagate it since. They are beautiful trees.
      Thanks Benian

    • Bernadette says

      Have four Japanese Maples and love them. Would like to learn how to properly graft and take care of them. Enjoy your site very much!!

    • Bob Donker says

      Yes I would very much like this DVD, I’m new at this type of work,but love working in the garden.
      We have just moved to a 5 acre treed property and hope to finish building some time this spring and start laying out and building a garden.
      We would like to leave most off it wild for the Moose and Deer that have visited us all winter.

    • Ann Horne says

      Love to have this DVD. Maples are amazing. Would appreciate the know-how to grow these beautiful trees. Thank you for the opportunity. Ann.

    • karen p. says

      why can’t the tree be grown totally from seed? why does it have to be grafted?

      love your newsletter, thanks.

    • Tom Rock says

      What a great looking tree! I can see it now
      looking out my front window and admiring
      my beautiful maple that I started from seed.
      Cool man! Keep up the good work’

    • Lori C says

      I started my little seedling collection from my own seeds and i’m going into my second year! They take a while to grow, but they are so “cute” right now. I would LOVE to learn how to graft them and take my Japanese Maple skills to a whole new level. PICK ME, PICK ME!!!!! :-)

    • Irene says

      I’m Jst fascinated with your green thumb & the results that u produce! You make it look so easy & doable which is the main reason why I’ve followed you for years! Wish I could get a copy of ur upcoming DVD! :)

    • Mubita Kabalanyana says

      Thank you for all the posts you have made in the past. I believe that the video you are shooting will be as exciting as any that you have done before.

    • robert lamica says

      These trees are majestic. have not grown any but would love to. not sure I can living in Vermont. It would be great if I could.

    • Karla Paul says

      I have always wanted to learn how to graft and would love to learn from you! This really is an art and a gift you have. Thanks so much for sharing! Karla Idaho

    • Beth says

      Thank you for the offer. I would really enjoy having this video. I have 3 Japanese Maples and would enjoy grafting them and selling them. Kind Regards,

    • Wendy says

      The trees are beautiful. I know I won’t get the free DVD but I would still be interested in
      knowing how to fine the seeds, trying my hand at growing one or two of them.

    • Kathleen Malo says

      I am wondering why these trees need to be grafted if they can easily be grown from seed? Just curious about the process. I know fruit trees are grafted into root stock as well and that is how different varieties have been grown. I am new to all of this but am very interested in one day establishing a business growing trees. This is a particularly popular one. They are beautiful because the Lord made them!

      • Mike says


        Japanese maples can be easily grown from seed, even Japanese Red Maples can be grown from seed. But just like with the fruit trees the only way to reproduce an exact clone of the variety that you want is to use a process that is asexual. Growing from seed is sexual propagation and just like with making babies, each and every one is very unique. Because most rare varieties of Japanese maples are difficult to grow from a rooted cutting, grafting is the most predictable and dependable way to produce the plant that you want to grow.

      • Rob says

        Hi Kathleen. It’s best practice to graft a particular ‘named’ maple cultivar, to be 100% sure of getting the desired characteristics. I grow maples from seed, and I have some really beautiful seedlings, but some are very different to the parent tree. This is because maples hybridize (cross-pollinate) freely. This is the means by which new cultivars are produced. Truly it can be said that these trees bring praise to the Creator of such beauty (Psalm 104:24). Rob

  1. Sara says

    I appreciate the information posted/shared with others. I keep learning and learning and learning!

    Right now, we are not growing for profit – just to feed ourselves and a few other families.

    This is our first year being able to add some fun plants to our landscaping. Something that is there for looks, not just function (ie – eating).

  2. Kenneth Bowers says

    Mike, I live in upstate NY, Rochester. Because you are in Ohio many of your tips and tricks of gardening I am able to use. I have a small yard that is not condusive to propegating with enough to sell but have for a couple of years used your videos to help me with my small estate. Thanks much and hopefuly I’ll win the tapes.
    Thanks again!

  3. Deb Rebel says

    Tossing my hat after I wipe off the starter mix I was concocting…

    Good luck in your grafting endeavors too!

  4. nancyt says

    I love Japanese maples one of my favorite little trees. It would be a joy to win one of the DVDs. Thank you for giving them away.
    God bless, nancyt.

  5. frank mc carthy says

    hi mike
    frank here from ireland
    love your emails and visits to your sites,would love a dvd on grafting

  6. wade giddens says

    Love you site and newsletters. I tell all my friends to visit your site. Thank you so much for all the good gardening tips over the years.
    Please put my name in for the dvd drawing.
    All the best!


  7. Melissa says

    I am looking to start grafting trees to have that extra “wow” at the plant swaps..this way I can get my name out there better and then I can get more “customers” to buy my beautiful new trees!!! I would love a DVD to help me do it right!

  8. Judy Rummel says

    love to win the DVD– and love those Japanese maples. I had never seen or heard of them till I started getting your newsletter, which has been so helpful.
    Yes I would love to learn how to grow these. And can they be grown here in central Florida?

  9. Jerry says

    Hello Mike –

    I truly enjoy your info videos! I’ve learned a lot, and will ‘stay tuned’. Sounds like a good video. Please throw me into the hat.



  10. Anne Fitak says

    Graphing has always fascinated me, but looked too tricky to try. I can’t wait to see if your DVD proves me wrong!

    Keep up the good work, Mike. You’re an inspiration to us all!

  11. Scott Jones says

    I’d love to learn from you Mike, about Japanese Maples. I’d also love to learn how to grow avocado trees, not going for fruit by just to see a successful grow.

  12. Kimberly Tritt says

    I love all of your tips. I keep them because I want to get started on my own business soon. I would love to get the DVD so I can add this to my list of wonderful information.

  13. Victor Smith says

    My wife and I bought a couple of Japanese Maples when we were in North Carolina visiting my son several years ago. (might have been from one of your students?) It would be really cool to be able to graft and reproduce from these two trees.

  14. John Griffin says

    Mike, Thanks as always for the information and inspiration that you provide. LOVE the Japanese Maples. Maybe one day I’ll get a few going!

  15. Tony Duran says

    This town in New Mexico where I reside has no idea what a Japanese Maple tree is, nor what it looks like. People here love their trees, and plants – this will definitely “wow’ them.

  16. Bob Hunt says

    I’d like to win the DVD.
    I’ve been following you for a while & am looking for things to do win I retire.

  17. Mac Summers says

    Been with you since the sign-in great wall of information several years ago. Love it all! Your information is invaluable.
    All the best, Mac

  18. Ellen Marvel says

    Love receiving your emails and the videos! Thank you for sharing all you know with some thousands of people! I would love your DVD on grafting maples. I love proporgrating.

  19. Melissa says

    I would absolutely love to know how to graft Japanese maples. Thanks so much for your information and these wonderful videos!

  20. Phyllis MacDonald says

    Thanks for your messages of inspiration! With frigid cold weather and a new dusting of snow in New Hampshire, your email messages bring “Spring” a little closer! God Bless.



  22. Eric McGlade says


    Thanks for taking the time to post videos and helpful comments. I am finally venturing into the great wide world of gardening, after reading through your website and post for a couple years. Keep it coming!!

  23. Pernette Behrendt says

    Thank you for coming into our homes and making everthing seem so easy. With all of your help, it is. Smile! Pernette

  24. Jeff LaChance says


    Thanks for all you do. Please put my name in for the grafting DVDs. I’d like to see a lot more Japanese Maples here in West Virginia.

  25. says

    I do not have a hat. Will an official garden cap due? PS I heard that planting catnip around the home foundation will keep the termites and mice away. Is there any truth to this claim?

    • mary plourde says

      i have heard that to a friend in a house tryed it near a back corner just to try .didit late fall so not sure if it will work would love to find out if there is some truth to it.

  26. George F Kovacs says

    Mike, your tips are the best. I ordered and used the rooting system you suggested and had enough fig trees to use as gifts for friends and family.Thanks

  27. says

    Hi Mike,
    I’ve got several Japanese maples growing around my four acres, and I’d really like to start growing some more from seed.
    Your newsletters and videos make it look pretty doable. I just need a little more motivation to get to it.
    I’d love to get a copy of your new DVD.

  28. Jeff says

    Hi Mike,
    My backyard needs some help as it is very boring, so I’m throwing my hat into the ring! I bet some of these grafted trees would look AWESOME!
    By the way you rock!
    Is it strange for me to be obsessed with plants?

  29. Libby Wilxcox says

    I would love to be able to learn from your video. I never had the extra money to buy your Backyard Nursery. Maybe if I won this that would inspire me to save for it. I am throwing my hat in the ring. Thanks for all of your info.

  30. angel says

    I enjoy all ur emails! My fav was making a green house out of an old trampoline. I found one and plan on building it this spring! Thanks for all ur help!!

  31. Sheila Kelly says

    I really cherish all of your DVD’s and books,stories and recipes, and of course helping hints. May God bless YOU for making his CREATION a more beautiful Earth each day. sHEILA

  32. says

    I’m going to be giving this a try soon whether I win or not but it sure would be great to watch the DVD first. Hope I win one. Thanks for all you do Mike!

  33. Dawn says

    Mike –

    Love, love, love Japenese Maples. Would really like to learn how to graft these beauties. Thanks for all the great tips!

  34. Leonard Maiani says

    Mike, I’be enjoyed your down to earth advice for years and will continue to do so. You’ve taken a lot of the mystery out of propagation.

  35. [email protected] says

    Yes, I would love to win this! :)

  36. Deke says

    Hi Mike How are things?

    I am interested in the DVD. I grew Balsam Fir in the fridge from seeds over 20 years ago. I would be interested in knowing how to do that with Japanese Maple

    Derek Gilby

  37. Carol says

    Mike – I am trying to start a garden shop in my hometown and would love to have the DVD to share with customers!!!!
    Thanks a million for your great newsletters and inspiration! Carol

  38. Brenda Phillips says

    I have tried to start an apricot tree by every way I’ve ever heard of, but no cigar. NOW I want to start a Japanese maple from the EXPENSIVE tree that I bought ($50.00). Need/want another one but cannot afford the price. Help…and thanks. Brenda

  39. Paul Read says

    Really appreciate all the information you provide. Really looking forward to this springs growing season. Thanks again.

  40. Joyce Thompson says

    Love the way u handle your business . Thanks for the message and I would love to win one of the trees I never won anything on line. Thanks

  41. Melina says

    What a wonderful opportunity! Just had a friend talk with me the other day about grafting, they had someone come out and talk about the potential this process offers…is something that I very much want to learn more about! Too, if I win, will be sharing what I learn with my friend as well! (will also point them to your site!)

    Love following all of your work! Thanks!

  42. Mike says

    Japanese Maples are my favorite to grow. It is amazing the shapes and sizes that can be achieved with simple timely pruning.

  43. Susi Downs says

    I always admired your Japanese maples. I have one inn my yard but this is the first year so not sure how it will be yet. Love to watch your videos. Love the weight loss. You look great.

  44. Larry McMahon says

    Hey Mike,
    Been getting your emails for quite awhile now. I love the Japanese maples. Such a unique little tree. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  45. Nick Lang says

    Hi Mike—we saved a beautiful Japanese maple from a new landscaping project being done at my neighbors house…they were just going to uproot it a toss it out! It now occupies a beautifully landscaped area in my yard and I would love to learn more about the grafting process and these beautiful trees! Thanks–Nick and Marilyn Lang

  46. says

    Would really love to have this DVD. Even though I’m in zone 9-10, I’m quite sure the grafting part will be a good and useful education for me.

    By the way, Mike… do you think I could grow the seeds to seedling stage down here and then sell the seedlings to BYG members? I know we’re too warm for the trees themselves.

  47. Tom Grange says

    I would be very interested in the grafting DVD. I know my grandfather did a lot of grafting and at one point had 7 different kinds of apples on one tree. It would be fun to learn.

  48. Mark Kasz says

    Mark Kasz
    Hi Mike I’ve been a member for a few months haven’t done anything yet this would be a nice start. I hope to get things moving in my backyard this the spring. Thanks for all your great info I’m getting more inspired every time I get an email from you.

  49. Renee says

    I’ve tried grafting Japanese Maples already but they always die on me. Would LOVE to know how to do it so my little tries stop dieing on me.

  50. Cynthia says

    My father knew how to do grafting. When I was young he showed me things he had grafted on his farm. Unfortunately, he suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Now that I am older and want to try grafting, he can no longer give me tips on how to do these things. He used to go looking for mushrooms too. I miss my father’s wisdom.

  51. Sharon Hornis says

    We LOVE Japanese Maples! Trying to save one that was damaged by our cold northern Ohio winters. I’d love to have the DVD.

  52. Clint Sloper says

    Your how to videos are terrific. Great job , can tell you spend a lot of time in preparation. Sorry to see you get out of the website set up info business.

  53. Brandon Lasseigne says

    Your website provides a lot of good and interesting information and I have been interested in learning how to graft plants.

  54. Ann says

    You never fail to bring helpful and informative gardening advice. And this is so timely. I’ve been thinking of propagating some of my Japanese maple trees. This may well be the time that I’ll do it–with your helpful information, of course.

  55. Juanita Henderson says

    Yes, I would like a DVD on Japanese Mples. I hope I win. Thank You I hope you have a grat day. Juanita Henderson

  56. John says

    Information like you are about to release is powerful!…it would be life changing for the lucky student of this trade whom is picked to receive it…learn it and change life for the better financially speaking!!! Knowledge is POWER!

  57. Michelle says

    I am trying to propagate some Japanese maple but it doesn’t seem to be working so I would love to learn more about it. thanks for the offer.

  58. Richard Isaacson says

    Love all the video segments. I’m looking forward to information on where to find the seeds.Good job Mike !

  59. Seamus Given says

    I already have a few Japanese Maples growing very well in my garden. Would like to know how to propagate from Seed as well as grafting. I am greatful for all the information you have given me in the past. I have enjoyed your book “Easy Plant Propagation” Very informative.Thanks again.

    Seamus Given. Ireland

  60. Linda Gadoury says

    My granddaughter and I are learning about planting and growing trees,flowers and vegetables. This year she is a senior in high school. Horticulture is one of the things she wants to major in. She rads everything you send to my email. I do not want to do anything to discourage her. This would be an asset

  61. Virginia Jurkowski says

  62. Toni says

    I want to put my hat in the ring for the DVD.
    I have my first JRM seeds stratifying now to grow some seedlings and grafting has interested me for a long time but didn’t have a clue how to do it till I joined your program. I will be trying it next winter.

  63. Lora says

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  64. Lori Brokaw says

    We have learned so much from you, and you have
    Inspired us to make our home a much more beautiful
    place. Keep inspiring us all.
    God bless.

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  66. Chris Calentine says

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    Chris & Tae Cha Calentine

  67. Millie Sellers says

    LOVE the updates….I have my daughter looking you up now. Any question I have you ALWAYS have the answer.
    I’ll have the. DVD from you….for my BD. LOL
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    My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s point of view.


  69. Bill Blair says

    I would like to use your DVD as part of our classes for Master Gardeners and Tree Stewarts. Thanks for all the great knowledge you pass on.

  70. Jim B says


    I have been subscribing to your web site and mailings for years, and enjoy and learn a great deal with each mailing. Thank you for the ideas and how-to’s that you are always sharing and posting.

    Keep up the great work!

  71. Pat Garvey says

    Your easy to learn “growing plants” methods have inspired me to become a better gardener.
    Would love to win the free DVD.

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    I am a very sad gardener, but you have been helping me a lot. Thank You for so much.

    I am finally getting enough confidence to try growing plants to sell. We have a large weekend Flea Market that I will be working towards now.

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    Have a wonderful gardening day!

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  90. Michelle says

    Love how you put everything into laymens terms it helps so much when I am teaching adults that have been out of school for 30 years or so. This will be a great teaching tool for my students!

  91. Jeff K says

    Mike, thanks for the newsletter and great information. Gardening is a passion and I enjoy growing the unique and unusual. Propagating Japanese Maples … ??? … How exciting! I have my degree in Forestry (MSU), and I perceived Japanese Maples were all grafts, but I just thought any seed produced, as with any grafted hybrid, would revert back to a root-stock variety/species … and more-or-less useless. I NEVER thought about using the root-stock seedlings as the actual root-stock to be used for the graft. I’m interested and MY HAT’S IN!!!

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    THANK YOU!!!!

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  99. susan says

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  103. Marc says

    Are the pictures ones you have grown or pictures of trees someone else grew ? I am very suspicious of this give away deal. Why ?

  104. Burns Farm / Ed says

    I’m eager to learn how to properly graft these Japanese maple beauties so that they can be sold later to other members of this board at wholesale, have 3 acres set aside for this project. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win! We’ll turn that win into a win/win for the whole group…Thanks again

  105. Ben King says

    I would really like to learn about grafting! I am planning to start growing cuttings, etc this Spring to sell in the near future. Thanks.

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  108. Brandt Versteegh says

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  110. MICA says

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  111. kathy says

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