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How to Sell Plants Online

Last updated : 4 December 2014

how-to-sell-plants-online My members ask me this all the time… “How can I sell my plants online?”  The answer is simple, really… offer them for sale.

That’s the beauty of the backyard nursery business, the product sells itself. The biggest hurdle is letting the world know you have plants for sale. And the internet will help you solve that problem.

Where to Sell Your Plants Online

I’m not going to list websites where you could sell your plants. The online world changes too quickly. Websites come and go and who knows what will be the “next big thing” in five years.

I’ve had people who purchased my “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” product have success selling their plants on popular social media sites and even some different classified ad sites. The only real variables here are what you have for sale and what you’re willing to sell them for.

What Types of Plants Can You Sell Online

The short answer is just about anything. I have members selling rooted cuttings, liners and even larger plants. If you can grow it, you can sell it online.

To get an idea of what my members are growing and selling, take a look at our list of backyard nurseries. That’s just a handful out of the hundreds of growers who have learned the trade from me.

This is a free service that we offer to our customers… once they have plants for sale, we’ll post an ad promoting the plants they have for sale. Our site has good “Google Juice”, so to speak. It ranks pretty well in the search engines and our customer’s listings tend to get ranked highly as well.

We Can Help You Sell Your Plants

We are now allowing growers to list full-page ads on our site promoting their nurseries. If you went anywhere else and tried to place a full-page ad online it would cost you at least $100 or more. We are offering this service for FREE!

Our subscribers are constantly asking us where they can buy plants. We would like to be able to refer them to a local nursery in their area. That’s why we’re offering this service to you, the grower.

So, here’s how it works…

1. Create an “Evergreen Ad”

Since we’re offering this service to you for free we won’t be updating these ads. It’s up to you to write an ad that I consider “Evergreen”. It promotes plants that you plan on selling at your nursery for many years.

If you have a group of plants you’re trying to get rid of but plan on never selling again, don’t include those in your ad. Take a look at the ad I created for my local nursery if you need some help.

2. Choose a picture for your ad

This one is pretty easy… choose a picture that you would like to include in your ad (just one). This should also be “evergreen”. Don’t include a picture of a plant that you only plan on selling this year.

Once these ads are posted online, they won’t be changed. Be sure to resize your picture for the web using a tool like PicMonkey. I suggest a size of no more than 250px wide.

If for some reason you stop selling plants and you’d like us to take the ad down, just email customer service and we’ll make sure it comes down.

3. Submit your ad below

The third and final step is to submit your ad using the form below. You can either copy and paste your ad or you can upload a saved document using the ‘Attachment’ field.

We can accept documents in the following formats… Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Notepad and OpenOffice. You CANNOT include any links in your ads.

I suggest including the physical address of your nursery and a phone number where people can reach you. Those who include a physical address will have a Google Map displayed on their ad showing their location.

Backyard Nursery Ad Submission Form

  • Enter your email address
  • Upload a picture for your ad (not required). Please keep the file size below 100kb and no wider than 250px. JPG or PNG file types only.
  • Copy and paste your ad into this box or you can attach a saved document with your ad below.
  • You can upload your ad as a saved document here if you wish (not required). The following file types only .DOC, .TXT, .PUB, .ODT