Flat Head Spray Nozzles for Plant Propagation.

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Flat Head Spray Nozzle.

Flat Head Spray Nozzle.

If all you need are Flat Head Spray Nozzles we sell them stand alone as a package of five which includes the nozzle in the picture with the legs and the tubing.

Click here to Order Five Flat Head Spray Nozzles. 
Total Price $48.00.  Shipping is Free.


If you need all of the components, visit this page.












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  1. Jama Parsons says

    I think I may have registered again by accident. Oops! Or like you so much I want to see you twice as much? Hmmm! I think just once will be good. Sorry, love your donkey kids! Thanks for the smiles and knowledge!
    From North Bend, WA. Jama Parsons.
    About the Pink Dogwoods, can you turn them pink the same way you can pink up Hydrangeas? Was going to cut down my Pink Dogwood because I fear it will mess with my septic drain field and it blocks some sun from my Hibiscus Trees. And here at the foot of the Cascade Mountains my Hibiscus need all the sunshine they can get. Now you make me feel like my Pink Dogwood is to special to remove. It’s almost ten years old and very pretty when in bloom. I’ll send a pic when it blooms. Keep up all that you do I learn so much and am also always entertained. Thanks so much to you all!!!! You are special friends, Jama

  2. Bruce Ames says

    I really need just one to find out if this works for me. If not I’ll try to make do with some of the Dig sprinklers.

    Thank you, Bruce