1. Danny says

    I recently order some of the air propogators after seeing your video. You have a lot of great videos and very helpful. I was wondering tho can you air layer a tree that is more than one inch or not? Keep up the great work mike.

    • says


      I wouldn’t try to air layer any branch that is more than 1/2″ in diameter. Maybe slightly larger, but not much.

  2. Danny says

    I have recently purchased the air propogator after seeing your video. My question is can you air layer trees or shrubs that are more then an inch? I also like all of your videos and you have inspired me to expand my lawn care & landscaping business growing my own trees and shrubs. Keep up the great work mike.

  3. Phyllis Crisp says

    Mike, I ordered some of the airpropegators and I have sucessfully done one crape myrtle start., two more in process right now, but I tried to start one from a maple tree and it never did anything can they not be started or did I do something wrong?

  4. gary chalifoux says

    Hello Mike!
    I am brandy new to the plant growing and propagating world. I really love the red japanese maples, and especially the lace leaf crimson queen…..I’m in the process of starting my 1st jap maples from seed!, learning the hard way, grow from seed? grown from cuttings etc etc…..excited about this and enjoying your home made propagating tips!!!!….

  5. RE says

    I would like to find out where this might be purchased. I have some flowering ornamental plants that i would like to try this method.
    Thanks for the source of information.

  6. Jason says

    Great video Mike. A variety of materials can be used to accomplish this goal. You can use use plastic bags the same way as long as they are not clear. Plus it saves money.

  7. Robin Garthwaite says

    The air propagation clamshells are amazing can’t wait to find out where you can get some. I have some plants I would love to try those on. Love the information you have here on your website. Keep up the good work 😀

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