What has Pam been up to?

Last updated : 25 November 2014

Many of our members have met Pam when they come to events that I’ve had at the nursery exclusively for our members.  She usually shows up with a carload of homemade cookies and is the hit of the party.

Right now she is making Jewlery like crazy!

Pam McGroarty making Jewelry.

Pam McGroarty making Jewelry.


I don’t know much about Jewelry, but I’ve been photographing the things that she is making so she can add them to her web store.  All of these things are nice, but some of them are really, really nice.

Me?  What do I do?  You know.

I make babies!

I make baby plants and I really think you should join me.  As soon as people find out that you are growing small plants they immediately get excited and start asking questions about your plants.  That’s how easy small plants are to sell.  I’ll bet insurance agents and car salesman would love to get that kind response when they tell people what they do!  Get started today!



  1. Sandy B says

    Hi Pam… I wondered where you were in the scheme of things.. great jewerly. My sister does Jewelry so I can appreciate what goes into it. I do lots of Macrame’ (common plant hangers to hanging shelves and tables and also wall hangings. But my passion is growing and being outside. I am so happy I found Mike’s websites. Tnanks to both of you…God Bless

  2. Laura says

    Hi! Mike I absolutely love what you are doing with your new life and for mine! I have been watching you and learning alot for a long time! I would have purchased your Backyard Growing System in a heartbeat-However the green stuff seems to float away faster than I get it! But everything you do and everything you tell us is more valuable than money! It’s as thou I have known you for a long time -yet we have never met! Thanks so much and I wish you and your family the best success! Pam I absolutely love the cobalt heart necklace and earrings set! Awesome website as well! And I think it’s sooooooooooo cool your son helps as well!

  3. walter chuks\ says

    hi mike, it is great having some one who shares ur vision. the jewery biz is like garden bc u put things together to make things happen, thanks to mama

  4. Percy says

    I am making baby plants too. It is fun and easy. My wife thinks that I am starting a nursery. Maybe I am…Maybe I am. Thank you Mike

  5. greg says

    Hey Mike,

    It may be gilding the lily but Pam should be wearing some of her production while she is working making more.

  6. Lela says

    Yeah Pam. I too make Jewelry great source of beads Fire Mountain Gems.com. Of coarse I get all the sales at everycraft store there is. This is kinda upscale but have great buys. The more I save the more I make. Just like sharing plants the more I have the more I can share. Nice to share with the whole family. Both of you keep up the great work.

  7. Renee says

    Nice work. Pam, you can improve your skills by adding crimp covers to your ends. Gives each piece a more “finished” look and you won’t have any rough crimps sticking out. That’s what I do with my jewelry.

    • says

      Kathy, Etsy is really the easiest way to buy from her so she knows exactly what item etc. The price is the same and you check out with Paypal.

  8. Tess says

    Hey Mike… Pam makes beautiful bead work… I wish I was able to order, but because of 0 finances, I can’t rob Peter to pay Paul… Truly learning to lean on the Lord! God bless y’all!!! You are truly blessed to have each other!! ☺

  9. Ann Telling says

    I love the way you speak of your wife. It has been my observation that men who love their wives not only have successful businesses and families; but the legacy they leave for their children helps them to carry the good into their and their children’s lives! Girls will subconsciously marry their fathers whether for good or evil, so it is very important for a husband to set that example. God bless you all! And your gardening/growing instructions are the best.

  10. Patrick says

    oh and by the way…Yes I was wondering who the woman behind the man was!!! how else could you be so successful!!!

  11. I W McLarty says

    Thanks for the message and encouragment to get active growing new plants. If I could call back a few years I would join you in that endeavor. I will mark 83 on the 28th of this month. Thanks for the picture and coments about Pam. I too have a wonderful wife. I struggle to keep the landscape around the house and the Vegetable gsrden.

  12. Bill says

    Mike, most of us men have better wives then we ever deserved. I am living proof of that, and I would not have a life without her.

  13. Jane Woods says

    Very nice and good prices too! I’ll leave that itty bitty stuff for you and work with something slightly bigger though.

  14. deborah says

    What a beautiful lady you have! I have always envied jewelry artisans but will have to be happy with my green thumb instead. 😉

    Best of fortune with your jewelry business, Pam!!! Blessings, deb in AL

  15. Genie Hookway says

    It is so nice to see the ‘woman’ behind the
    successful man. You both look like people
    who really enjoy life. I look forward to
    all of Mike’s emails. Keep up the good work!

  16. sharon rutland says

    hi pam, i really like your necklace and bracelet set with the circles,can you make one with citrine beads and clear beads instaed of the pink,,thank you sharon

      • John F Morgan says

        Mike..I just returned to Georgia from near Ottawa, ON.
        My friend also makes jewelry but she makes her beads using polymer clay. (Yes.. I send her numerous newsletters from you and she was amazed at how I could root things using your techniques plus those that I have used for 70 years.)
        In short, a week or so ago, a retailer in Ottawa began to sell her jewelry thanks to her sister’s selling job. Her sister, Alice just signed a contract to have her greeting cards distributed to 12,000 retailers in CA and many more in the US. They are creative.
        I will give her email if Pam wishes. The best deal on polymer clay, so far, is in PA.
        And yes.. You are one lucky male to have Pam as a spouse.

  17. Joyce says

    I love Pam’s jewelry. Especially the black, white, and red necklace, bracelet and earrings. You go, Pam!

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