Tennessee Backyard Nurseries

Last updated : 14 January 2015

Tennessee Backyard Nurseries

Clinton, Tennessee

Whistle Hill Nursery 

“In Tune With Great Prices!”

Born on a hilltop in Tennessee,
Prettiest state in the land of the free.
Worked in the dirt so he knew flow’r and weed,
Planted him some seeds when he was only three.

Quick and Easy Way to Make Money at Home Growing Plants

That’s me… Nathan, homegrown right here in Clinton, Tennessee. While I’m not legendary like ole Davy Crockett, I am gaining a reputation as the $4.97 plant guy in these parts. My backyard gardening has blossomed into Whistle Hill Nursery. I like being involved “from the ground up” you might say. I’ve known most of my plants since they were just little sprouts, and I have LOTS of them! Let me show you around.

Under the shade of the oak trees I have varieties of Astilbe, Liriope, Periwinkle, Hydrangeas, Coral Bells, and Hosta. Just looking at those lush leaves and nodding blooms has a relaxing effect. Moving on out into the sun, I have dozens of $4.97 shrubs ready to dress up any landscape. Blooming early on, there is Forsythia, Lilac, Bridal Wreath Spirea, and my new favorite, Variegated Weigela. Then a host of leaf shapes and colors brighten the seasons with Dappled Willow, Viburnum, Butterfly Bush, Golden Privet, Chinese Fringe Flower, Barberry, Tea Olive, Burning Bush, Rose of Sharon, Nandina, Smoke Bush, Triple Crown Blackberry, Crape Myrtle, Blue Rug Juniper, and Morning Light Grass.

Sometimes though, nothing else will do but a tree. I have several varieties of disease resistant Dogwood, so beautiful in the spring loaded with white or pink blooms. Or, if screening out your neighbor is high on the priority list, then Murray Cypress, Emerald Green Arborvitae, or Skyrocket Juniper makes a beautiful evergreen fence. To top it all off, I have some gorgeous Japanese Maples, some red, some weeping, some more upright, or with unique leaves. Choose your favorites, all for much less than you’ll pay anywhere else.

On toward the front of the nursery are the $4.97 perennials. Can’t beat plants that return bigger and better every year. You never know what you’ll find here, I’m always trying something new. The kaleidoscope of colors begins with Hyacinths, Creeping Phlox, Candy Tuft, Bleeding Heart, and Columbine; followed by Primrose, Foxglove, Salvia, Gaura Purple Heart, Blanket Flower, Lilies, Clematis, Tall Phlox, Salvia, Black-eyed Susan, Coneflower, and Daisies. And the list goes on. A gardener is never satisfied. There’s always room for one more plant!

Stop by and see Whistle Hill Nursery for yourself. It’s easy to find, directly off four-lane Hwy.61…just 10 minutes east of Oak Ridge, the “Secret City” from WWII; or 10 min. west of Clinton, where antique shops line Market Street. If you’re in the area visiting the Great Smoky Mountains, my place is about a 30-40 minute drive west of Knoxville. Just plug the address into Mapquest and it will pinpoint the right spot. Or call or email for the old-fashioned kind of directions, with landmarks and such.

My weekend sales start around the middle of March and last till June or so. After that, I’m glad to show my plants by appointment. You can always check Craigslist or Facebook for current details.

Great plants. Great Prices. Guess that about wraps it up. I look forward to seeing you!

Nathan Carmichael
Whistle Hill Nursery
1538 Oak Ridge Hwy.
Clinton, TN 37716

phone: 865-274-6723

email: carmichaelca@comcast.net

 Buchanan, Tennessee

GreenGrowers Nursery is family-owned and operated in Buchanan, TN. We specialize in thorn-less Triple Crown Blackberry plants, which are famous for their three crowning attributes; flavor, productivity, and vigor. This is a non-patented thorn-less variety making them painless to pick and can be in full production in the second year.

These plants grow as semi-erect canes and require trellising. Triple Crown blackberries begin to ripen in Zone 6 in late July to early August. They produce large sweet berries and are delicious eaten fresh, can be frozen and are also suitable for juice, pies, cobblers, and preserves.

Rubus fruticosus ‘Triple Crown’  Recommended Hardiness Zones: 5-9 Plant type: Deciduous Fruit Characteristics: Large, Firm, Sweet; eaten fresh, frozen, preserved Light Requirements: Full Sun Preferred Soil Conditions: Moist, well drained Growth Rate: Fast Disease resistance: Good Heat Resistance: Yes Canes: Thorn-less, Semi-erect, 12-15 feet (require trellis)

Fruit Production: Large yields up to 30 pounds per plant over 5 weeks beginning in late July, early August.

Bare-root plants are sold as in bundles of 10 for only $3.70 per plant or save with quantity discounts.   All prices include FREE PRIORITY MAIL® SHIPPING!

10 Plants – $3.70 per plant
25 Plants – $2.94 per plant – SAVE $0.76
50 Plants – $2.75 per plant – SAVE $0.95
75 Plants – $2.50 per plant – SAVE $1.20
100 Plants – $2.30 per plant – SAVE $1.40

For more information or to purchase our high-quality bare-root Blackberry plants

Feel free to Email us at [email protected]

GreenGrowers Nursery
Patrick Shiflet
1055 Buchanan Road
Buchanan, TN 38222

Waynesboro, Tennessee

Dollar Nursery, Family Owned & Operated

$4.97 Plant Sale!

The Largest Licensed Nursery in Wayne County TN.,  sitting on 5 acres. We sell below retail price because of no overhead.

Our Nursery brings in customers as far away as Nashville, Jackson, and even Huntsville, Al.

We set up at Nashville Flea Market in March & April, and in September & October  (Lot 4).

Offering over 2500 Annuals, Perennials, Groundcover, Vegatable, Herbs, Grasses, & Shrubs at $4.97 & below!

Also offering 100’s of Trees, Shrubs, Evergreen, Roses, Tropicals, etc. in larger 2 gal/3 gal containers (prices vary)

Over 1000 Hanging Baskets to choose from. (prices vary) Remember, under retail!

Our Tropicals consist of several different Palms, Mandevilla, oleanders, Philodendron, Bougainvilla, Plumeria, & many, many more!

We would love for you to come visit us… We live on the property during the season March 1-June 15 and Sept 10-Nov 1

Our hours are from Dawn-Dusk Monday-Saturday & Dawn till 5pm on Sunday (unless you call, we’ll gladly stay late.)

Get 10% off your 1st purchase, just mention you saw this ad on Mike’s Backyard Nursery!

We recycle all pots; large, small, hanging baskets & trays. Bring yours in for an extra 5% off your purchase!

Thanks Dena Dollar


Mount Pleasant, Tennessee

Eden’s Nursery

$4.97 Plant Sale!!!

We have Pink, Red, Minuet, and Variegated Weigela; Lynwood Forsythia; Shirobana, Anthony Waterer, and Goldflame Spirea; Corkscrew Willows; Blue Rug Juniper; Thuja Green Giant; Murray Cypress; Ruby Bells, Melting Fire, and Venus Heuchera (Coral Bells); Violas; Scabiosa House Hybrids; Crimson Pygmy Barberry; Chinese Ruby Fringe Flower; Natchez, Carolina Beauty, Sioux, Catawba, Tonto, and Pocomoke Crape Myrtles; Coral Red Dogwood; White Dogwoods; Chinese Dogwoods; Pink Dogwoods; Redbuds; Potters Purple, Griffin Blue, Royal Red, Guinivere, and Summer Beauty Butterfly Bushes; Burning Bushes; Double Pink, Double Red, and Double Violet Rose Of Sharon (Hibiscus); Golden Privet; Vinca Major (Periwinkle); Red Barberry; Purple Leaf Sandcherry; Dwarf Maiden and White Fountain Grass; Blueberries and MORE!!!

Hundreds of plants- all must go!! Get the plants you need to make your yard and landscape stop your neighbors in their tracks! And for only a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else! But you better hurry, because at $4.97 for a 1 gallon plant size they won’t last long.  Yes, almost everything is only $4.97!  Come and help support a young family who is local and looking to serve their community with quality plants and trees.  We grow chemical free as much as possible, too!

Plant sale begins, Friday, April 20th from 8am until dark, Saturday April 21st from 8am until dark, and Sunday, April 22nd from 1 until 4pm, weather permitting.  If rainy, sale will move to following weekend.  Or call to schedule an appointment to secure your plants before they’re gone!! Only 20 minutes from Columbia.

Eden’s Nursery
Chris and Amy Brewer
4431 West Point Rd.
Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474
phone: 931-982-2169
email: [email protected]


  1. Dawn says

    I’ve been looking all over this area for Honeysuckle….couldn’t find it. Finally found it at Dollar Nursery. Great plants….Great prices!! I’m already planning another purchase of a dozen or so plants for a hedge and some fruit trees next year. I highly recommend Dollar Nursery!

  2. Sherri says

    I’ve purchase several berry bushes and a few trees from Edens Nursery and have been very pleased with the quality and service. I would highly recommend this company.

  3. T. Castle says

    I order 25 blackberry plants from Green Growers Nursery. They ship on Mondays and my order went out the Saturday before I was told. They sent me a conformation letter telling me about my order along with a tracking number. The plants arrived in great condition and a week later are growing very quickly. I will keep their Information for future orders and to pass along to friends. A top Quality company!. I recommend them highly.

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