Java Red Weigela

Last updated : 20 May 2015

Friends, I’ve been growing and have had Java Red Weigela in my landscape for years and I promise you, this is a very, very nice plant.

Java Red WeigelaLike almost all flowering shrubs it should be pruned at least once a year to maintain a nice shape, but the nice thing about Java Red is that it does not grow aggressively, but it does bloom aggressively in the spring.  But it also makes flowers in a lesser amount the rest of the year.

I’d like to explain why I think Java Red Weigela is such a great plant to grow and sell.
1.     It’s an awesome plant.  I sell a ton of them in my nursery.  People love the lavender flowers, they like the fact that it not only flowers in the spring but will also produce a few blooms later in the summer.  It has a purple tinge to the leaf color that also makes it attractive and it can be kept trimmed to a nice, manageable size in the landscape.
2.    It’s easy to propagate at home.  It is very easy to root.
3.    It can be rooted in the middle of summer with softwood cuttings.
4.    It can be rooted in the fall with semi-hardwood cuttings.
5.    It can be rooted in the dead of winter with hardwood cuttings.
6.    It’s not patented!  This plant will forever be in the public domain.  You and are free to propagate it at will without permission, and without paying anybody a royalty.
7.    They sell quickly and easily as rooted cuttings or small liners.  A liner is a rooted cutting that has been grown for one season, has a really strong root system and is lightly branched.  A rooted cutting will sell for 65 cents to 85 cents where a liner will bring $1.25 to $1.50.

Quick and Easy Way to Make Money at Home Growing Plants

Growers like me buy hundreds at a time. Java Red Weigela

Java Red Weigela

In the above photo this plant is probably trimmed a little tighter than most people like, but as soon as it flushes out with new growth it will look great.

Java Red Weigela

Java Red Weigela

This photo shows the beautiful and delicate pinkish/lavender flowers.  You can also see the leaf color, green with a little maroon tint.  I’m not sure why they originally called this plant Java Red because there is nothing about the plant that is red.  But it is a nice addition to any landscape.


  1. Bonita Brocklehurst says

    Hi Mke
    My weigela has really taken off over the past 2 years. I would love to shape it like yours in the photo, it looks very neat and pretty. Can I cut it back afer it blooms.



  2. Toby Black says

    These are wonderfully tough and beautiful plants. I garden in colorado springs at over 6000 feet. Gets very hot and dry in summer, and very cold and dry in winter. These things grow like crazy,wonderful color throught season, light pruning throught season keeps them blooming until frost here. They are very easy to propagate and maintain, wonderful addition to any gardener. I am originally from Maine, these plants grow just as well in the northeast as they do in the west. And as far as rabbit damage, All mine were chewed off in early spring by rabbits and squirrels from a foot in height to just a couple inches, they were a little unsightly for a spell, but ALL plants bounced back with such vigor that I was amazed! Trully a wonderful plant !!!

  3. Ed grogan says

    Mike, since the BYGS is all electronic, (the books, videos, etc.) How much computer space does it use? I use my computer for other things and don’t want to run out of disc space.I am very interested in pruchsasing your system.


    • says

      Ed, my Backyard Growing System uses very little of your computer space. You’ll download two or three pdf files which take up almost no room at all. All of the videos are online so you will actually be using my resources when you watch the videos. Also, when you order you will have the option of adding all of the videos in DVD format to your order. All of this will change soon and the Grow System will once again be a physical product that we ship to you. Of course we’ll have to charge a little more because of the added cost, but that is the direct that we are heading.

  4. Terri says

    In Georgia I have recently learned that I must have a certificate to sell live plants. ?? Advice ??

  5. Carol says

    Mike, I purchased the backyard nursery system from you quite awhile back. I just never have gotten started because my cuttings don’t make it. But I do want to purchase the mist system from you maybe my cuttings will make it. I am very excited to get my cutting to grow. Thank you for all of your help and lesons and video.

    • Tonya says

      Off of willow trees? I knew that but there aren’t any here around me….but I will keep me eyes open or try to get rooting hormone…thank you!

  6. Mary E says

    Mike, your Red Java looks very pink. I have
    a very Red weigela which grows abundantly in
    my Georgia garden. I have started to propagate it to sell for the future.

    Thanks for mentioning weigela, they are among
    my favorite shrubs.

  7. Connie says

    Thank you for the tip! I have several Weigela but have never pruned any them! They are beautiful but now they will SHINE when springs arrives next year! Thanks again!

  8. Billie says

    I have a very large area of bamboo that I need to get rid of ,what is the easiest,fastest,cheapest way to do this?

  9. Donna Green says

    Last fall I tried propagating Weigela in the aquarium method, the starts made it through the winter and I just transplanted them into pots and they are blooming. I’m encouraged to do more with the idea of selling them.

  10. Sandra says

    I also have a Java Red Weigela. It has been thriving in my back yard for several years. It is right up next to a brick wall; receives morning shade and afternoon sun. The soil is very rich and has good drainage. It is rather tall (about 6 feet)and has dark magenta/reddish color flowers. Hummingbirds love the tubular flowers.

  11. Patrick says

    I have this plant, and I have propergated it atleast 5/6 times and it works every time. I got this plant at a plant show in town but never knew the name of it. Thanks Mike!
    The guy in Berkeley Springs WV

  12. Terri says

    This is the best website ever. I have time now to pursue the business of growing plants. Yep, unemployed. I have been giving mint, marjoram and other herbs away for years.
    I visited one of Mike’s Backyard growers in Conyers, GA., -Pixies. Boy do they have a beautiful selection of plants, both large and small. Bala taught me so much in just a little time, even though he and Chris were very busy filling orders. He even gave me some pots to get started.
    I am so inspired. I’m recieving Mike’s training now.

  13. ashton says

    i am so busy in my garden cause ist summer . happy mothersday to all the mothers and happy gardening and thanks a BIG lot to mike for your gardening news and talks,, we all love it and we love you and your family and staff.. great gardening in the year of the dragon .. may GOD bless you all.

  14. dianna hoyt says

    Mike I love to see your web site but i live in north central
    fl and never know if any thing you show will grow here and never see any of these plants can you help thanks

  15. connie hanson says

    i have tried several times to do roses from seeds with absolutely no luck HELP PLEASE!!!!

  16. Kevin says


    I enjoy being on your mailing list and reading your articles.
    I have been considering ordering your system as I have wanted to grow plants for years.
    The Red Weigela is a beautiful plant. I was wondering how wide and tall it grows without trimming? My driveway is 1200 ft long by 40 ft wide with trees planted in a random pattern 200 ft long which a drew up 15 years ago before I planted them. I just repeated the same pattern 6 times down the driveway. Also this makes it nice if you lose a tree you can plant almost anything in its place without it being noticeable.
    It was my plan to plant a very very narrow hedge about 5 to 10 ft tall down both sides of the drive to help with drifting snow and also block some unsightly views as we come down the drive. My problem is the 40 ft wide by 1200 ft long not only requires a narrow plant with low maintenance but economical too. Then will reading your articles you gave me an idea “Propagation” may be the answer.
    Do you have a suggestion of a plant that might work for this application?

    Thank You,

  17. Tonya says

    That is a pretty shrub but the flowers look pink to me. Why do they call a “Red Weigela?”Maybe the leaves turn red in the fall? I just know that soon I’m going to start this business that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Mike you are truly an inspiration! It’s just that I’m disabled, living on a fixed income. I found 8 round logs laying out there by the barn….all I need is soil to go in the raised bed that I could make with some help. I already have alot of seed….We just got our wholesale license number & permit in my daughter-in-laws name. I’m getting more & more excited the more I read. I bought a japanese barberry shrub the other day. It was a yellowish color? Looked it up on the internet and I learned that it even gets berries on it!! I could propagate off of it to if I can get some rooting hormone. I have alot of morning glory & four-o’clock seeds that I saved and also a whole box of marigold seeds! It’s almost the middle of May. Is it to late to do anything this year?

  18. Vivian Catt says

    Dear Mike,
    I love your emails. I think I will try growing small plants. I would like to know if you know what to do about my problem with grass. We moved to South Carolina and all we have is that weed that looks like grass. What can we do? Do you know?

  19. Diana says

    I thinned out hens and chicks one year and sold a bunch in my garage sale. $3.00 each.
    A few ladies came by and said they just saw a great idea using them in a wire wreath and bought several pots. I had about 15 pots. [ones I found in a trash pick]. Also, I have this hedge Maple [dense folige] that pops up in flower beds everywhere. Im going to start repotting them for another yard sale. Thanks for ideas.

  20. Tom Windsor says

    What kind of conditions does the Java Red thrive in – sun level, type soil, etc.? I live in Kansas City – is this the right zone? Any other little tips for a florishing plant?



  21. Percy says

    Mike – I have got to hand it to you! You are an inspiration to me. Now that I am laid off from work for over a year now, I have more time to take care of a garden. Something I have been wanting to do for several years. My problem is that I only have a quarter acre of a lot. My back yard is fenced in. There I have my tomatoes, bell peppers and potatoes along the back fence. My grandson bought me a blueberry bush for my birthday and my sister gave me 6 potted blueberry bushes. I bought a honey dew and planted the seeds from it. I have a young tangerine tree and a hood pear tree all in the back yard. I got the seeds for my garden from a vegetable stand of their spoiled vegetables. Along the fence in my front yard I planted cherry tomatoes and bell peppers (red, yellow & green). We had a floral garden in front of the house and closer to the road side. Also, in the front yard is a Florida pear tree. The monkey grass in front of the house was over taking the rest of the garden. I decided it was time to thin them out. When I pulled and cut them out I decided to put them in containers of milk & juice of which I cut the tops out of. I sold 6 of them in my yard sale. I have a volunteer palm tree that I dug up and have it for sale in my yard sale too. All of which that would be headed to my back yard burn barrel. But, with your inspiration, I decided to pot them in containers that cost me nothing (would have gone out in the trash) and made me an easy $3.00. Not much money. But, it excited me that I got $3.00 from something that would have been just thrown out. In the future, if we have more tomatoes, pears and blue berries that we can eat, they too will be sold in my yard sales.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Bernice says

      Hey Percy..Just want you to know , if I was driving past your place and saw some lovelies for sale I would stop and see what you have. YOU have given me inspiration to do the same with my hostas. I love them but at some points I have to divide them, I have been giving them I know what to do with them. Kudos to you. Maybe you will become one of Mike’s groupies who sell plants!

      • Charline Jolly says

        I have been thinning out my iris and giving away the extras. Now I am thinking garage sale! Thanks.

  22. ella hodgdon says

    what awesome bush that you have . l dont know how to get started with thease plants. l cant afford to get nothing due to only on ss and way things are today. l wish god would fine away for me to have something like this to start on my lawn that bare. l hate it being broke and l love floweres or any kind. god bless you mike and your awesome plants ella

    • Charline Jolly says

      Do you live near commercial landscape people? We have companies that plant flowers around buildings downtown, and have empty pots to throw away. Check it out!

    • Charline Jolly says

      Well, I don’t know about the rabbits or deer, but it did not survive the winter at Lake Tahoe which is just over 6000 feet.

    • Sue says

      Rhonda, I have 4 baby Java Red Weigela’s growing in my landscape here in zone 5. They have survived 2 winter’s in northern Indiana. As for rabbit’s I have a bunch of them in my yard and they have not touched them. Hope this help’s :-)

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