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Last updated : 4 September 2012

I am giving away three copies of my Brand New Backyard Growing System!

Here’s the deal.  Right now my Backyard Growing System is not available, I’ve taken it off the market.  Because . . . Duston and I have been working on a completely new and revised edition of the Backyard Growing System and the new version will not be available until early September.

So while we are all waiting for the new products to be completed I’ve decided to give away the first three copies that we produce.  The winners (three winners!) will be randomly selected from the comments made to this post.  So if you’d like to be considered for this give away, post a comment below.

Quick and Easy Way to Make Money at Home Growing Plants

The new system will be called “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”.  This will be a combination of physical and digital products.  The physical products are a brand new book that I wrote this summer, “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” and a two DVD set that includes my Backyard Nursery DVD as well as a new  DVD called “Plant Propagation Madness”.

The book and new DVD are brand spanking new, never been sold before.

Also included will be an “Advanced Online Training Course”, the “Secret Directory of Wholesale Suppliers” and the digital report “The Inside Secrets of the Rooting Cutting Business”.

All good stuff!

So while Duston (my son) and I tie up the lose ends of getting this product ready and wait for the first shipment of books from the publisher, jump in here and post a comment!




  1. says

    So far I have found much of the information useful.

    My wife and I are just getting started in the plant business for some extra retirement income.

    The website listed isn’t mine, it is one I frequent. The page wouldn’t let me proceed without entering a valid URL.


  2. Anna Draper says

    Can’t wait to see the new version! I’m moving to a place with 5 acres from an apartment with a tiny backyard. Looking forward to get going on my own backyard nursery.

  3. Dana S. says

    I’d love to win the set! My husband is disabled but I think he’d be able to do this if he could get himself mentally prepared. Thanks for all you do!


  4. Judy S says

    I would love to be considered for your drawing. I have been receiving your posts for a couple of years and hope to one day be able to start my own small plant business. Thanks!

  5. karen clark says

    Am just starting gardening as full time gardener. I need all the help I can get. Love this website and email news. Pls keep ’em coming.

  6. Greg Rathman says

    I planted 100 bare root black cherry trees. The deer seem to like the leaves very well. Can I use the leaves in a salad before the deer get to the rest?

  7. Glynnda Johnson says

    I’ve found a rehab center that doesn’t have a garden…horticulture therapy is my field and I’d love to get them started on a program. (Hands raised and emphatic !!/ Pick me ! Pick me !!
    Thanks !!!!

  8. says


    I would like to get one of these copies so I can see how it can be implemented into my aquaponics and wicking bed systems…

    please put my hat in the ring


    the aquaponics garden

  9. sharon rutland says

    i would like to be considered for a copy,as i have enjoyed your website, awesome ideas and your knowledge of plants and business, i hope to buy a home in nov.and start my hew nursery(god willing) i have taken your information to heart and look forward to a new future in gardening..thank you for all your advice and ideas whether i win or not..have a great day!!! sharon rutland

    • Linda Jonigan says

      I have really enjoyed your videos and have tinkered with your propagation ideas. I have always wanted to order your program, but my income has markedly dwindled. I would love a copy of your new program as I am falling in love with gardening. Thanks Mike for your ongoing inspiration!

    • LM says

      I would love a copy. My husband has serious heart trouble and no pension. My 85 year old mom, with dementia and health issues is now living with us so I can care for her as well. I work a full time job on top of all. I need a way to stay home but also support my family.

    • Shirley says

      Who wouldn’t want a free copy. I know I sure would. Love your web site and all your advise. I appreciate all you have taught me.

    • Green Thumb Gregory says

      I will be utilizing your Backyard Growing System as soon as I move from Galveston, Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I will be buying some nice 1/2 acre lots with fantastic soil and super clean air & lakes. It will be ideal for growing Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Cherry trees, Magnolias,Bamboo, grapes and so much more. I look forward to working with you in the near future.
      My move is scheduled for the 1st week of November 2012 Best of Luck to everyone!!



    • Barbara Jean says

      I am a little sprout needing giudance to grow up and be healthy and strong and your new program is the fertilizer I need to get there.

    • Charles Gonzalez says

      I could always use the help with your gardening systems-Free is always good.Thanks for the great video’s

    • John says

      I really need this system so I can start a retirement income. I’m a veteran near retirement; this would be great.

    • Curt R says

      I love your ideas, but haven’t had much luck following the utube videos. I’m sure your old book would help. I’m looking forward to learning more about the new program when it comes out. Good luck!!

    • christine Homan says

      I would truly love a free copy of your book!
      I enjoy watching your videos and reading your posts, they are very helpful! I have such a green thumb and enjoy making new plants!

    • Thomas says

      I enjoy your commits and website and wish to be considered for a free copy of your new backyard growing system.

      Keep them growing

    • Pamela says

      My husband and I have entered our golden years without the ‘gold’ to retire on. This system would be an answer to a prayer. thank you

    • says

      I love your emails and videos. Like you, I get a giant thrill out of taking cuttings and watching them turn into new plants. It is exciting to know you are giving away 3 of your newbies, and so thanks a lot, even if I’m not one of the lucky winners.

    • Doug Koss says

      Thanks for the opportunity Mike. I am disabled and am mot taking any money from the outside at all. I am trying to increase all my growing for my needs and to give to others that need food during these tuff times.

      Please throw my name in the ring also. Thanks So Much

    • Don Sutherland says

      Save my wife an I a copy over the last two years we’ve taken a lot of your tips and used them in the plantings, I’m sure the new book will cover these and many more.

      Thanks Mike

      • Darlene Weiss says

        I belong to a garden club and have shared your information and tips with many others. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful growing tips.
        Sincerely, D. Weiss

    • Barbara S. Rives says

      Please consider me as a recipient of one of the three copies. After retiring from teaching I middle school, college mathematics, and writing grants for teacher I service programs, I fell “in love” with cacti and other succulents and have 100s of plants from different families, genera and species. Now, I propagate succulents from “around the world.”. I enjoy your column and have saved every one received.

      Congratulations on your new book and DVDs. I look forward to reading it and watching the DVDs when they are released.

      Thank you for considering me for one set of the materials.

    • Christy Wrenn says

      just in the short time I have been receiving you emails I have learned a so much. I thank you for that. I love your videos too.
      Please consider me for a copy of your new book.

      Christy Wrenn -|-
      2130 Rossie Lee Dr.
      Bossier City, LA 71112

    • Mark says

      I would love to read your new stuff!! All your info is extremely informative and I was just looking at the slice of land I wanted to convert from wasted space to backyard nursery.

      Mark Tolini

    • Barbara Dombroski says

      Hi Mike & Dustin, I sure would be thrilled with a copy of your Brand New Backyard Growing System. I am sure it will help my Nursery grow with all the helpful info in it! You have inspired me this far to follow my dream, and I am having a good time doing that! Thanks again Mike for being so helpful!

    • Kimberly Black says

      I would love to win!!! I look forward to all the hints tips and tricks, but I really feel like we are neighbors, I always feel like I am getting a personal e-mail, I always pass my e-mail onto my sister, who works full time and doesn’t have much gardening time because she too shares my enthusiasm about the e-mails. She’s Pam, with a husband named Mike!!Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed in the mean time! Here in ALABAMA

    • Milt M. says

      I have had more FUN telling people about FREE and you Mike. Someday we are coming your way and I want to meet you and your family. I tell people about your video and always add that I would trade 3 of my neighbors to have you as a neighbor.I appreciate all the work that you all do to make those videos ,they are the most informative.I watch them over and over to not miss any details. Great Stuff, Thank you.

    • Deborah Grissam says

      I would LOVE to be considered to receive your product. I have a huge yard and plants would be very happy to grow in my year. Please throw my hat in the ring!

    • says

      I would love to be considered for one of those books. Since retiring I have been debating about what to do and this fall I am dividing all my plants and next spring going to have a plant sale.


    • Kelly Crowley says

      Throwing my hat in the ring. Looking forward to your new book! My husband and I are serious about our new venture and see you and your resources as a “gold mine.”

    • Dianne says

      I missed your shindig for things in my garden that kept threatening to take all that I worked hard to stay just one step ahead of in hopes to keep it alive for the fall…drought, hoppers, neighbors chickens etc….I NEED your knowledge…and would be grateful as one of the recipients if chosen.
      Respectfully, Dianne

  10. Connie Hamblin says

    I love all your hints and Ideas..Love that your wife tolerates you ..and how your family is helping you.
    Please continue to share.

  11. says

    Your videos have always been a great help. I appreciate how much information you share with everyone. On just one of your videos on removing a tree saved me a lot of money. Thanks. Will watch for the new product.

  12. Martin Gutzmer says

    Sure would like to win one of those!
    Think I lost my old one. Mind is slipping!
    Love your articles and blog posts – what a blessing Mike and his family and work are!

  13. Ginger says

    I would love a copy, as a single mom and teacher, money is always scarce. I would love to learn how to not only start gardening projects at our school, but also ways to earn some money on the side!!


  14. Yvonne Lyon says

    Hi Mike, I’ve been on your list awhile, always enjoy the tip and pics. I’ve moved to the state of Florida and could REALLY use some great advice on making things grow here :)

    Good luck with the new book!

  15. david cantrell says

    Mike, I have really enjoyed your site. Would love to get to check out the latest version of your backyard system.

  16. Danny Davis says

    Looking forward to seeing your Growing System “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”. sounds very interesting

  17. Patti says

    This would be GREAT! I have a dream of taking out my 2,600sf lawn and starting to grow herbs and veggies for the private chefs around here.

  18. Kirk Funkhouser says

    I work for a non-profit organization in Nicaragua, and we have just started an initiative for ‘home gardens’ for rural women and children. I would like a copy of your new stuff for my family but also to use in Nicaragua where it can be even more valuable. thank you, kirk

  19. Meghan Howard says

    I have been thinking of buying for some time, would LOVE to have the new version! Free would be awesome :)

    Happy to hear you are having so much success. I hope the new line is a success for you.

    Thanks! Meghan

    • Chef Jen says

      I would love the give a way to give to my husband for christmas…
      bring it on…
      I cook—He plants

  20. Ron says

    I would love a chance at winning a free copy. I have finally become proficient at rooting cuttings but need some help getting to the next level.

  21. Lea Langford says

    I have been following your information as it comes to my email and put it to go use. I really enjoy learning about gardening from your tips and info. Thank you for sharing. I would appreciate a copy of your new book so I can start this fall getting ready for next spring.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  22. Pam Rudder says

    If you could see my yard, not only would you give me the book, you would probably appear on my doorstep. HELLLLLLLLLP!!’!!!!!

  23. Bruce Main says

    Thanks for offering this! I have wanted to purchase a system for too long and never have as we still rent. ;o(. Hopefully we will bring that bond and get somewhere we can grow plants as you do.

  24. Faye Tilley says

    Can I go ahead and prepay for the new system,
    “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”. I have money now but there is a good chance I will not in september.
    What is the cost o the new system?

    • Kathy says

      HI MIke,

      I have been following your emails and posts for a couple years now and would appreciate putting my hat in the ring for the backyard growing system.

      Thanks very much!

    • RIch Minton says

      I’ve just retired and now may have both the time and having just moved recently, may have the space to do your system! And having just retired I’m definitely in need of some replacement income. By the way, the instructions for downloading your free book (right click mouse and select Save) does not work with Firefox browser. Given all the problems with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, lots of us are not using IE any more, although when it didn’t work on Firefox, I used IE to download the book. Thanks again for all your great help.

    • Bruce Ames says

      As I transition form my business to staying home I look forward to these products. I have a large garden (grew up on a farm) but have never done propagation. Thank you for your weekly tips.

    • Julie says

      I would sooo love to start a new career. I love your emails and website and look forward to this new product. Looks like you had a great Shindig!

    • Della says

      I am so excited! My husband just retired and now we will have time to start our “Backyard Garden”. I would love to get your new information, as I have been following you for a while now, and really have learned a lot. Thanks

    • M Scandore says

      Thanks Mike for all your great ideas. I am just starting my backyard nursery. Hoping to help others with the profits I make.
      All my profits are going to be donated to a few people in need and if I have anything left I’d like to take my grandkids on a Disney Cruise. I’m setting our goals high.

    • Jan says

      Mike, I would love to have one, but can’t afford one just yet…unemployed with no compensation. I never win anything, but it is sure worth trying. Thanks for all the info you so kindly pass along for free. I love your story. You have my respect for keeping your eye on the ball. People like you deserve success.

    • Sunny Smith says

      Wow! I want to throw my scarf into the ring! You are my Guru of the Garden. I really, really need to win something that will keep all these Sons, Grandsons, and Nephews busy working.
      With all 6 of them over 6’3″ and a couple at 6’7″ and still growing, I need all the help I can get! Granny Sun Smith

    • bill csernik says

      I look forward to your news letter and always refer to your tips and other info.

      Happy Growing

      My U
      ncle John always told me pat it down like you love it and it works !

    • Tim Landers says

      Mike you have been a real inspiration to me for several year’s.It’s easy to see why you are a success with your hard work and constant follow up.My wife and I discovered a few year’s ago that we loved gardening and we would love to make it our vocation.I would love to put your system to work as we are getting close to that age where you wish you could retire,but you know you can’t.Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Jim V says

      One day on the web I came across a gardener named Mike
      He was showing people how to make money doing what they like

      He knows all about plants and flowers
      And gives you help that empowers

      Because he is giving away his gardening system for free
      I hope he likes this poem and makes me one of the lucky three

    • Norman L. Chandler says

      Thanks Mike for the wonderful e-mails and videos. I have learned a lot about gardening from you. Therefor I am throwing my hat in the ring.

      THANK YOU,

    • Elizabeth O'kon says

      I would love to be considered for this new system. I find such enjoyment out of gardening since my husband is a wounded combat airborne army ranger and I am his caretaker I find so much comfort in gardening. Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Joanie F. says

      I enjoy your video presentations as well as your email updates. We are retired but would welcome an opportunity to make some money. Thank you for the chance to win your training course and resource guides.
      Thank you so much.

    • DAVID says


    • Judy Haddock says

      Mike, I have used your suggestion to produce rose bushes from limbs. It worked even for me. It is really a fool-proof method of growing what you love from the rose bushes most loved. Thank you. Please let me know the cost of the new book. I just know it is filled with many many more tips that will make me a better gardener and landscaper. I want my large yard to be a remarkable exercise in beautiful plants and bushes.
      Thanks Mike for your advise.

    • says

      Hi Mike ,
      You do a great job for us !
      I am so far away. I’m living in Europe in Romania. But still, I would like to have one of your first three hot copies.
      Thanks for what you do !

    • RON PECOUL says


    • Gus says

      Thoroughly enjoy your website and articles. Have tried to pass them along to my brothers as well. Keep up the great work! How much will you be selling the new system for?

    • Chadi Chenekdji says

      Your articles and videos are always easy to follow. I always wanted to discover the art of starting small plants but always had trouble. I would like to see your product and what you have to offer.

    • Kathy Ashcraft says

      I love all of your wonderful videos! They are so helpful! I’d love to win a copy of your new system, thanks!

    • Chelsey says

      Hey Mike! My name is Chelsey and I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now and would LOVE to be a winner of your backyard growing system!

    • April says

      I would like to be considered in the drawing for the free backyard growing system. I read each of your e-mails and try to follow them. Not much time to do the nursery stuff and work, but the information that I have received has been very valuable.


    • Karen Mulcahy says

      I’ve enjoyed following your emails for sometime and have thought of raising native plants. My hat is in!

    • says

      I have been learning gardening for a few years after becoming disabled and no longer able to work. It keeps me active and productive from my wheelchair. I happened upon your YouTube site and subscribed ASAP. I have been trying to clone an olive tree now all summer and could really use a book like yours. Living on S.S.I. since I did not work my entire life I get the minimum in funds each month. A book like this would bring food to our table as well as productivity from my end. Wish me luck!

    • Cheri says

      It just so happens that August 19th, when you gave us all a chance to be a part of your drawing, was my birthday:) I have a very slowwwww dial-up connection so I didn’t have time to come out of my garden to catch up on my emails until now. Thx for giving us all a chance to be in your drawing; please count me in. (hope the drawing isn’t over)

    • dexter tracy says

      Hi Mike ,I was really inspired by your newsletter when i started a small landscaping business about 7 years ago.I never truly used your tips and techniques regarding propagation as family needs demanded my full involvement. Im back! I love your open examples of home gardening possibilities and i have the time,materials,and desire to give a small production go of it. Please consider me in your valued offer of a complimentary gift of your new system. Thank You, Dexter Tracy

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