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Free Backyard Growing System

Last updated : 4 September 2012

I am giving away three copies of my Brand New Backyard Growing System!

Here’s the deal.  Right now my Backyard Growing System is not available, I’ve taken it off the market.  Because . . . Duston and I have been working on a completely new and revised edition of the Backyard Growing System and the new version will not be available until early September.

So while we are all waiting for the new products to be completed I’ve decided to give away the first three copies that we produce.  The winners (three winners!) will be randomly selected from the comments made to this post.  So if you’d like to be considered for this give away, post a comment below.

The new system will be called “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”.  This will be a combination of physical and digital products.  The physical products are a brand new book that I wrote this summer, “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” and a two DVD set that includes my Backyard Nursery DVD as well as a new  DVD called “Plant Propagation Madness”.

The book and new DVD are brand spanking new, never been sold before.

Also included will be an “Advanced Online Training Course”, the “Secret Directory of Wholesale Suppliers” and the digital report “The Inside Secrets of the Rooting Cutting Business”.

All good stuff!

So while Duston (my son) and I tie up the lose ends of getting this product ready and wait for the first shipment of books from the publisher, jump in here and post a comment!




  1. Faye Tilley says

    Can I go ahead and prepay for the new system,
    “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”. I have money now but there is a good chance I will not in september.
    What is the cost o the new system?

    • Kathy says

      HI MIke,

      I have been following your emails and posts for a couple years now and would appreciate putting my hat in the ring for the backyard growing system.

      Thanks very much!

    • RIch Minton says

      I’ve just retired and now may have both the time and having just moved recently, may have the space to do your system! And having just retired I’m definitely in need of some replacement income. By the way, the instructions for downloading your free book (right click mouse and select Save) does not work with Firefox browser. Given all the problems with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9, lots of us are not using IE any more, although when it didn’t work on Firefox, I used IE to download the book. Thanks again for all your great help.

    • Bruce Ames says

      As I transition form my business to staying home I look forward to these products. I have a large garden (grew up on a farm) but have never done propagation. Thank you for your weekly tips.

    • Julie says

      I would sooo love to start a new career. I love your emails and website and look forward to this new product. Looks like you had a great Shindig!

    • Della says

      I am so excited! My husband just retired and now we will have time to start our “Backyard Garden”. I would love to get your new information, as I have been following you for a while now, and really have learned a lot. Thanks

    • M Scandore says

      Thanks Mike for all your great ideas. I am just starting my backyard nursery. Hoping to help others with the profits I make.
      All my profits are going to be donated to a few people in need and if I have anything left I’d like to take my grandkids on a Disney Cruise. I’m setting our goals high.

    • Jan says

      Mike, I would love to have one, but can’t afford one just yet…unemployed with no compensation. I never win anything, but it is sure worth trying. Thanks for all the info you so kindly pass along for free. I love your story. You have my respect for keeping your eye on the ball. People like you deserve success.

    • Sunny Smith says

      Wow! I want to throw my scarf into the ring! You are my Guru of the Garden. I really, really need to win something that will keep all these Sons, Grandsons, and Nephews busy working.
      With all 6 of them over 6’3″ and a couple at 6’7″ and still growing, I need all the help I can get! Granny Sun Smith

    • bill csernik says

      I look forward to your news letter and always refer to your tips and other info.

      Happy Growing

      My U
      ncle John always told me pat it down like you love it and it works !

    • Tim Landers says

      Mike you have been a real inspiration to me for several year’s.It’s easy to see why you are a success with your hard work and constant follow up.My wife and I discovered a few year’s ago that we loved gardening and we would love to make it our vocation.I would love to put your system to work as we are getting close to that age where you wish you could retire,but you know you can’t.Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Jim V says

      One day on the web I came across a gardener named Mike
      He was showing people how to make money doing what they like

      He knows all about plants and flowers
      And gives you help that empowers

      Because he is giving away his gardening system for free
      I hope he likes this poem and makes me one of the lucky three

    • Norman L. Chandler says

      Thanks Mike for the wonderful e-mails and videos. I have learned a lot about gardening from you. Therefor I am throwing my hat in the ring.

      THANK YOU,

    • Elizabeth O'kon says

      I would love to be considered for this new system. I find such enjoyment out of gardening since my husband is a wounded combat airborne army ranger and I am his caretaker I find so much comfort in gardening. Thanks for this opportunity.

    • Joanie F. says

      I enjoy your video presentations as well as your email updates. We are retired but would welcome an opportunity to make some money. Thank you for the chance to win your training course and resource guides.
      Thank you so much.

    • DAVID says


    • Judy Haddock says

      Mike, I have used your suggestion to produce rose bushes from limbs. It worked even for me. It is really a fool-proof method of growing what you love from the rose bushes most loved. Thank you. Please let me know the cost of the new book. I just know it is filled with many many more tips that will make me a better gardener and landscaper. I want my large yard to be a remarkable exercise in beautiful plants and bushes.
      Thanks Mike for your advise.

    • says

      Hi Mike ,
      You do a great job for us !
      I am so far away. I’m living in Europe in Romania. But still, I would like to have one of your first three hot copies.
      Thanks for what you do !

    • RON PECOUL says


    • Gus says

      Thoroughly enjoy your website and articles. Have tried to pass them along to my brothers as well. Keep up the great work! How much will you be selling the new system for?

    • Chadi Chenekdji says

      Your articles and videos are always easy to follow. I always wanted to discover the art of starting small plants but always had trouble. I would like to see your product and what you have to offer.

    • Kathy Ashcraft says

      I love all of your wonderful videos! They are so helpful! I’d love to win a copy of your new system, thanks!

    • Chelsey says

      Hey Mike! My name is Chelsey and I’ve been following your blog for about 6 months now and would LOVE to be a winner of your backyard growing system!

    • April says

      I would like to be considered in the drawing for the free backyard growing system. I read each of your e-mails and try to follow them. Not much time to do the nursery stuff and work, but the information that I have received has been very valuable.


    • Karen Mulcahy says

      I’ve enjoyed following your emails for sometime and have thought of raising native plants. My hat is in!

    • says

      I have been learning gardening for a few years after becoming disabled and no longer able to work. It keeps me active and productive from my wheelchair. I happened upon your YouTube site and subscribed ASAP. I have been trying to clone an olive tree now all summer and could really use a book like yours. Living on S.S.I. since I did not work my entire life I get the minimum in funds each month. A book like this would bring food to our table as well as productivity from my end. Wish me luck!

    • Cheri says

      It just so happens that August 19th, when you gave us all a chance to be a part of your drawing, was my birthday:) I have a very slowwwww dial-up connection so I didn’t have time to come out of my garden to catch up on my emails until now. Thx for giving us all a chance to be in your drawing; please count me in. (hope the drawing isn’t over)

    • dexter tracy says

      Hi Mike ,I was really inspired by your newsletter when i started a small landscaping business about 7 years ago.I never truly used your tips and techniques regarding propagation as family needs demanded my full involvement. Im back! I love your open examples of home gardening possibilities and i have the time,materials,and desire to give a small production go of it. Please consider me in your valued offer of a complimentary gift of your new system. Thank You, Dexter Tracy

  2. Bruce Main says

    Thanks for offering this! I have wanted to purchase a system for too long and never have as we still rent. ;o(. Hopefully we will bring that bond and get somewhere we can grow plants as you do.

  3. Pam Rudder says

    If you could see my yard, not only would you give me the book, you would probably appear on my doorstep. HELLLLLLLLLP!!’!!!!!

  4. Lea Langford says

    I have been following your information as it comes to my email and put it to go use. I really enjoy learning about gardening from your tips and info. Thank you for sharing. I would appreciate a copy of your new book so I can start this fall getting ready for next spring.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. Ron says

    I would love a chance at winning a free copy. I have finally become proficient at rooting cuttings but need some help getting to the next level.

    • Chef Jen says

      I would love the give a way to give to my husband for christmas…
      bring it on…
      I cook—He plants

  6. Meghan Howard says

    I have been thinking of buying for some time, would LOVE to have the new version! Free would be awesome :)

    Happy to hear you are having so much success. I hope the new line is a success for you.

    Thanks! Meghan

  7. Kirk Funkhouser says

    I work for a non-profit organization in Nicaragua, and we have just started an initiative for ‘home gardens’ for rural women and children. I would like a copy of your new stuff for my family but also to use in Nicaragua where it can be even more valuable. thank you, kirk

  8. Patti says

    This would be GREAT! I have a dream of taking out my 2,600sf lawn and starting to grow herbs and veggies for the private chefs around here.

  9. Danny Davis says

    Looking forward to seeing your Growing System “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”. sounds very interesting

  10. david cantrell says

    Mike, I have really enjoyed your site. Would love to get to check out the latest version of your backyard system.

  11. Yvonne Lyon says

    Hi Mike, I’ve been on your list awhile, always enjoy the tip and pics. I’ve moved to the state of Florida and could REALLY use some great advice on making things grow here :)

    Good luck with the new book!

  12. Ginger says

    I would love a copy, as a single mom and teacher, money is always scarce. I would love to learn how to not only start gardening projects at our school, but also ways to earn some money on the side!!


  13. Martin Gutzmer says

    Sure would like to win one of those!
    Think I lost my old one. Mind is slipping!
    Love your articles and blog posts – what a blessing Mike and his family and work are!

  14. says

    Your videos have always been a great help. I appreciate how much information you share with everyone. On just one of your videos on removing a tree saved me a lot of money. Thanks. Will watch for the new product.

  15. Connie Hamblin says

    I love all your hints and Ideas..Love that your wife tolerates you ..and how your family is helping you.
    Please continue to share.

  16. sharon rutland says

    i would like to be considered for a copy,as i have enjoyed your website, awesome ideas and your knowledge of plants and business, i hope to buy a home in nov.and start my hew nursery(god willing) i have taken your information to heart and look forward to a new future in gardening..thank you for all your advice and ideas whether i win or not..have a great day!!! sharon rutland

    • Linda Jonigan says

      I have really enjoyed your videos and have tinkered with your propagation ideas. I have always wanted to order your program, but my income has markedly dwindled. I would love a copy of your new program as I am falling in love with gardening. Thanks Mike for your ongoing inspiration!

    • LM says

      I would love a copy. My husband has serious heart trouble and no pension. My 85 year old mom, with dementia and health issues is now living with us so I can care for her as well. I work a full time job on top of all. I need a way to stay home but also support my family.

    • Shirley says

      Who wouldn’t want a free copy. I know I sure would. Love your web site and all your advise. I appreciate all you have taught me.

    • Green Thumb Gregory says

      I will be utilizing your Backyard Growing System as soon as I move from Galveston, Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I will be buying some nice 1/2 acre lots with fantastic soil and super clean air & lakes. It will be ideal for growing Japanese Maples, Dogwoods, Cherry trees, Magnolias,Bamboo, grapes and so much more. I look forward to working with you in the near future.
      My move is scheduled for the 1st week of November 2012 Best of Luck to everyone!!



    • Barbara Jean says

      I am a little sprout needing giudance to grow up and be healthy and strong and your new program is the fertilizer I need to get there.

    • Charles Gonzalez says

      I could always use the help with your gardening systems-Free is always good.Thanks for the great video’s

    • John says

      I really need this system so I can start a retirement income. I’m a veteran near retirement; this would be great.

    • Curt R says

      I love your ideas, but haven’t had much luck following the utube videos. I’m sure your old book would help. I’m looking forward to learning more about the new program when it comes out. Good luck!!

    • christine Homan says

      I would truly love a free copy of your book!
      I enjoy watching your videos and reading your posts, they are very helpful! I have such a green thumb and enjoy making new plants!

    • Thomas says

      I enjoy your commits and website and wish to be considered for a free copy of your new backyard growing system.

      Keep them growing

    • Pamela says

      My husband and I have entered our golden years without the ‘gold’ to retire on. This system would be an answer to a prayer. thank you

    • says

      I love your emails and videos. Like you, I get a giant thrill out of taking cuttings and watching them turn into new plants. It is exciting to know you are giving away 3 of your newbies, and so thanks a lot, even if I’m not one of the lucky winners.

    • Doug Koss says

      Thanks for the opportunity Mike. I am disabled and am mot taking any money from the outside at all. I am trying to increase all my growing for my needs and to give to others that need food during these tuff times.

      Please throw my name in the ring also. Thanks So Much

    • Don Sutherland says

      Save my wife an I a copy over the last two years we’ve taken a lot of your tips and used them in the plantings, I’m sure the new book will cover these and many more.

      Thanks Mike

      • Darlene Weiss says

        I belong to a garden club and have shared your information and tips with many others. Looking forward to reading more of your wonderful growing tips.
        Sincerely, D. Weiss

    • Barbara S. Rives says

      Please consider me as a recipient of one of the three copies. After retiring from teaching I middle school, college mathematics, and writing grants for teacher I service programs, I fell “in love” with cacti and other succulents and have 100s of plants from different families, genera and species. Now, I propagate succulents from “around the world.”. I enjoy your column and have saved every one received.

      Congratulations on your new book and DVDs. I look forward to reading it and watching the DVDs when they are released.

      Thank you for considering me for one set of the materials.

    • Christy Wrenn says

      just in the short time I have been receiving you emails I have learned a so much. I thank you for that. I love your videos too.
      Please consider me for a copy of your new book.

      Christy Wrenn -|-
      2130 Rossie Lee Dr.
      Bossier City, LA 71112

    • Mark says

      I would love to read your new stuff!! All your info is extremely informative and I was just looking at the slice of land I wanted to convert from wasted space to backyard nursery.

      Mark Tolini

    • Barbara Dombroski says

      Hi Mike & Dustin, I sure would be thrilled with a copy of your Brand New Backyard Growing System. I am sure it will help my Nursery grow with all the helpful info in it! You have inspired me this far to follow my dream, and I am having a good time doing that! Thanks again Mike for being so helpful!

    • Kimberly Black says

      I would love to win!!! I look forward to all the hints tips and tricks, but I really feel like we are neighbors, I always feel like I am getting a personal e-mail, I always pass my e-mail onto my sister, who works full time and doesn’t have much gardening time because she too shares my enthusiasm about the e-mails. She’s Pam, with a husband named Mike!!Anyway, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed in the mean time! Here in ALABAMA

    • Milt M. says

      I have had more FUN telling people about FREE and you Mike. Someday we are coming your way and I want to meet you and your family. I tell people about your video and always add that I would trade 3 of my neighbors to have you as a neighbor.I appreciate all the work that you all do to make those videos ,they are the most informative.I watch them over and over to not miss any details. Great Stuff, Thank you.

    • Deborah Grissam says

      I would LOVE to be considered to receive your product. I have a huge yard and plants would be very happy to grow in my year. Please throw my hat in the ring!

    • says

      I would love to be considered for one of those books. Since retiring I have been debating about what to do and this fall I am dividing all my plants and next spring going to have a plant sale.


    • Kelly Crowley says

      Throwing my hat in the ring. Looking forward to your new book! My husband and I are serious about our new venture and see you and your resources as a “gold mine.”

    • Dianne says

      I missed your shindig for things in my garden that kept threatening to take all that I worked hard to stay just one step ahead of in hopes to keep it alive for the fall…drought, hoppers, neighbors chickens etc….I NEED your knowledge…and would be grateful as one of the recipients if chosen.
      Respectfully, Dianne

  17. says


    I would like to get one of these copies so I can see how it can be implemented into my aquaponics and wicking bed systems…

    please put my hat in the ring


    the aquaponics garden

  18. Glynnda Johnson says

    I’ve found a rehab center that doesn’t have a garden…horticulture therapy is my field and I’d love to get them started on a program. (Hands raised and emphatic !!/ Pick me ! Pick me !!
    Thanks !!!!

  19. Greg Rathman says

    I planted 100 bare root black cherry trees. The deer seem to like the leaves very well. Can I use the leaves in a salad before the deer get to the rest?

  20. karen clark says

    Am just starting gardening as full time gardener. I need all the help I can get. Love this website and email news. Pls keep ‘em coming.

  21. Judy S says

    I would love to be considered for your drawing. I have been receiving your posts for a couple of years and hope to one day be able to start my own small plant business. Thanks!

  22. Dana S. says

    I’d love to win the set! My husband is disabled but I think he’d be able to do this if he could get himself mentally prepared. Thanks for all you do!


  23. Anna Draper says

    Can’t wait to see the new version! I’m moving to a place with 5 acres from an apartment with a tiny backyard. Looking forward to get going on my own backyard nursery.

  24. says

    So far I have found much of the information useful.

    My wife and I are just getting started in the plant business for some extra retirement income.

    The website listed isn’t mine, it is one I frequent. The page wouldn’t let me proceed without entering a valid URL.


  25. nrainham says

    You give GREAT advice, Mike, which is much appreciated. Too bad there are such different regulations between the States and Canada (not to mention difficulties with shipping across the border!). Thanks for all of your great advice, tips, videos, hard work and inspiration!!!

  26. Peter says

    I’m glad to the hear that it will be available in hardcopy. I like to hold and thumb through an actual book.

  27. Pete S. says

    I have been following your website and emails.for about a year now. I also am looking for something to ge tme out of the factory I have worked at for 16 yrs. My wife and I have 4 girls ranging from 13 to 2and a 5th child…a boy….due in Dec. I would love to get this set and be able to break the chains of factory work. Thank you for your consideration.

  28. Annette Chastain says

    Greetings from Yuma, Arizona! This Arizona lady is waiting for the roasting heat of summer to move along and make way for our beautiful fall and winter weather. I am so interested in growing small plants for big profit. I want to leave my career as a nurse, and just keep on growing! Simply green and live simply.-Annette Chastain Mom,Wife, and RN.

  29. hope bergeron says

    Hi I’m new and learning how to take cuttings from plants. I would love to get tip and pointer on things. Can u plz help!

  30. Patricia Limmer says

    I purchased property in Delaware with plenty of room for growing small plants. I enjoy growing flowers and small bushes. My new husband wants to plant vegetables. There should be room for both. There are a lot of expenses in getting our new life started. A free guide will be most welcome. I hope you choose me. Thank you.

  31. Stephanie Bailey says

    I would love to have this very helpful tools. Thank you so much for all the emails that you have sent.
    Thanks again,

  32. Marjorie Yeager says

    I don’t know that I have enough time for this business but it sounds like I might give it a try. I learn best buy reading, hearing and seeing. And then hands on. I think you have covered all the bases with this new program. Looking forward to trying it. Thanks for all your efforts to make us a success at Backyard Nurseries.

  33. Donna Reynolds says

    My husband, Dave, and I are both 71 years old, retired, active church leaders, but are looking to grow more of our own food. We have a small backyard with half of it shaded. We could use the other half for raised garden beds, gardening in containers, or a mixture of whatever. What I’ve seen in your emails looks like what we would like to do. We volunteered in our small town community garden some this summer, but the heat and drought caused the garden to wither much earlier than ever.

    Please consider us for the copy of your Backyard Gardening concept.



  34. Jeno Koch says

    I simply love your angle on growing and would greatly appreciate a copy of your growing manual. Thank you for all your wonderful insight and motivation…!!!

    Best Regards,

  35. Roelie Elliott says

    Hi Mike and Duston! I have enjoyed your emails for quite a long time now and am finally looking at retiring in a couple of month. Shortly after that my husband and I will move to Costa Rica, where we hope to do a lot of gardening and hopefully grow something we can make a little money on. Big learning curve, can you and/or your book help? Or any of your readers for that matter.
    We did make a growing box and have had success with that.
    Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
    Warren and Roelie Elliott

  36. Lynn Wittibsalger says

    I am trying to get a garden growing b/c of the cost of groceries keeps going up I need to be able to have fresh fruits and vegatables to eat. i also have been showing my granchildren how a garden works. I also have a big yard so iI need to be able to fill it with nature so I can attract my birds.

  37. Michelle Deter says

    I’ve always had a green thumb and love plants of all kinds. I look forward to implementing your advice and plans on making extra cash by selling plant starts. I’d love to enter into this free giveaway. Please count me in!

  38. Beverly Isom says

    Would love to be considered for a copy of your new book! I’m trying to talk my hubby into more “growing” & he doesn’t do “computer”!
    Love your site!!

  39. Teresa Mathews says

    7 months of searching for a new job and I wish I had the money to invest to grow plants to sell. I have the raised beds and portable walk in greenhouse. I don’t have the water but I haul it in get whatever I want to grow to grow. Your books sounds wonderful. I sincerely hope it brings to you the future as you wish it. Best of luck to you. MY 2 dogs and I don’t qualify for any benefits. so I never be able to invest in it. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for the free tips I get every week.

  40. JosefineAnne says

    I am eighty years old and spend nearly all my time in my garden with the birds, my three cats and three dogs. It is my own special paradise and I would like to receive your valuable information so I can make more efficient and production use of my time.

  41. Jim says

    As I’m retiring soon from more than 35 years of being a Firefighter, Working in the garden would be GREAT!….Having your book to help me would even be GREATER!!

  42. Kathy Kittelson says

    Your newsletters are always an inspiration to me ; I will have to live to be 120 to use all of the knowledge you have shared !!

  43. Linda Lloyd says

    Since moving to OR things are so different from Southern California that I would love a copy to help my backyard
    thanks for giving away three who ever gets them will be really happy

  44. Danny Davis says

    Would love to have a copy of your system for two reasons. 1) I am an elementary school teacher in an ESE Autism self-contained program. I can envision several avenues of learning that your system could support. 2) Several of us in the neighborhood are considering a cooperative garden approach. Your system would provide efficiencies we would nothave ourselves.

  45. Jan Tucker-Craff says

    We live in Lima Peru and I need seeds for Japanese Maples of all varieties here and can not get them, Mike? I wrote an email and someone from your team would NOT or could NOT help me to get your info or books etc here nor with the seeds as I can NOT have them mailed here from a seed company, but only in unmarked padded envelops. I will pay for them and would like 2 or 3 of all varieties for propogation. We are US Citizens living in Peru and want to do the business here of plants

    Jan Tucker-Craff and Felix Craff Zevallos
    Jr. Soledad 276
    Lince, Lima 14

  46. Toi says

    I enjoy learning and you make it so easy. It is nice you are from Ohio also, so its like we are neighbors and you know my conditions. I would also love to own your new book. thx

  47. Kathi says

    Throwing my hat in the ring! Your gardening tips and advice have made an incredible difference in the quality of our gardens and yard! Thank you!!

  48. Mary Thoreson says

    I would sure love to have one of these sets. I live in town and have a large yard but a small garden space. :)

  49. [email protected] says

    I’m in. Best gardening website.

  50. Steven Nosack says

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring for the possibility of winning a copy of your brand new Growing System. Thank you.

  51. Annette says

    It sounds very interesting. I would like to try it. I really think that it would help me increase my crops/plants.

  52. Gary Marder says

    I have some experience with gardening and propagating but I love to read about it and can always learn more. I would love this set.

  53. Patricia says

    Hi Mike
    For several years now your articles and knowledge have intrigued me. I am looking to do something fresh and new and I would like to be considered for your giveaway. Also I’m in Canada where I believe you would like to see more action. I enjoy gardening as my folks ran a fruit farm when they were younger. Things that grow are fascinating. Thanks for reading my post and all the best to you .

  54. kat says

    Hi there! Mike, you have some wonderful info in your newsletters. A free copy of your new book would definitely be helpful & appreciated, as I have the land, just need more knowledge to make it great : )

  55. says

    Hi Mike, I am sorry I missed hanging out with you.

    Spring and Summer time is a really busy time for us. Working and teaching in the community garden.

    It would be great if we could get a copy so we can improve somethings for next year.


  56. Larry Rymer says

    I am on staff at a christian ministry the works with families. I would like to use your system to help raise funds to help with the financial needs here. We have 23 acres and much of it is in trees and on a mountainside. We have about 3 acres available for gardening.

  57. Jeanette Apton says

    Please enter my name in the drawing for your new book. As a handicapped senior citizen with a greenhouse, gardening is one thing that I still can do. Thank you.

  58. Ray says

    Dear Mike,

    Consider my hat thrown in the ring.

    I have been unemployed and underemployed for about three years now. I hope that my love of plants and growing them can be turned into a business that will help sustain me and my family.

    Thanks for your e mail updates and consideration.


    Ruskin, Fl.

  59. Chris Thompson says

    I really learn a lot from your posts and website; I would love a copy of your new book!

    Chris Thompson
    Ferndale, Washington

  60. Scott Owens says

    I would really like to win one of the three free Backyard Growing Sytems.
    Thanks for the chance,
    Scott Owens

  61. Aggie Morris says

    I’m looking forward to your new book and would love to be enter for a free copy. My garden didn’t look too good this year, I could as much help as possible.

  62. linda schiek says

    I’ve been on your mailing list for years now and read all of your articles sent to me by email with great appreciation. I love the suggestions you make and the advice you give away for free, you are always dead on it with your advice! Even if I don’t win, I’ll still be reading the emails and following your fantastic advice! Thanks so much!

  63. Ruth Chamberlain says

    I am so excited; I would love to win a copy! It would be the first time I have ever win anything. I am still hopeful!

    Ruth Chamberlain

    Etters, Pa.

  64. Rhonda Coletti says

    I would love one! I love my yard, flowers, trees, shrubs, etc. and would love to be able to turn it into a business!

  65. Greg Rowe says

    I have been reading these emails and using the information for years. This new book and system may be what I need for my hobby. Free would make it even better.

  66. CJ says

    I would love a copy! We just purchased a home so I can start using your great tips. I’m planning on a wicking gardening system using rainwater collection.

  67. VM says

    Throwing my hat in too. Would love to see how I can adapt your plans and ideas to my Alaskan growing season.

    Really enjoy learning all the different techniques and learning from all the great knowledge you share on your site.

  68. Justin says

    Hi Mike,

    I would love to get a copy. Thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared with us and for teaching me how to become a better gardener.


    – Justin

  69. Jim Pescha says

    My wife and I have recently retired and move to a house with a 1/2 acre lot where we are starting our vegetable garden and fruit trees. We hope to add chickens (as soon as we get the city to change the code to allow them). A plant business from home would make a great retirement business. I am throwing my hat in the ring.

    Jim Pescha

  70. Rubie says

    Hat’s in the ring! Retired, room to grow things, and the will to get r’ done! Always wanted to purchase this but could never find the spare cash to do so . . . . hoping, and fingers crossed!

  71. Paula Pfau says

    I have so many problems with my back yard. I have been struggling with a variety of challenges getting things to grow where I didn’t have any problems before and I have lived her 15 years. I need all the help I can get. I hope I am one of the lucky ones to get picked to receive your book. Thank you so much for your FB page and your website. You provide so much information to all of us. We are very grateful.

  72. Larry Farr says

    You’ve got so many suggestions and tips, I don’t know which one to try first! We’re moving to the country soon and I’d love to give your system a try. Hopefully I can snag one of your giveaways do I can convinced wife to get on board! Thanks for the great website and all of your interesting facts and helps!

  73. Derrell Patterson says

    Recently moved to a new location which has several raised bed, looking for ways to utilize them. I would like a free copy.

  74. Al Wiren says

    I have enjoyed your emails over the years. They are informative and inspiring. I’m retired and trapped in an ageing body but still feel I’m 25 inside and need a productive outlet. I keep messing with the idea of plunging into the garden business full time and have tried many of your instructions to see if I’m cut out for it. Some aspects are expensive, such as greenhouses, and can get a little overwelming at my age. Never was one to think small but I enjoy the work. Your new book might push me off the fence. Enjoy your laid-back approach to planting.
    p.s. Please autograph my copy of your book when I win.

    Thanks, Al

  75. Mary Chleboun says

    Unlike the previous post, I have more than one hat… but I am throwing my most colorfully flamboyant gardening visor into the ring in hopes that it will grab your attention and I will get chosen for the free copy :) Thanks!

  76. Rebecca OConnor says

    I would like a copy of your book as I could really use alot of advice on how to make my backyard what I want it to be. I would be very grateful to win a copy of your book. So I hope to one of the three picked. Have a great day

  77. christine ayre says

    Throwing my hat into the ring, this would be agreat way to get my garden started.
    Christine ayre

  78. Randeyeman says

    I can think of anything more fulfilling than being at one with nature while participating in an enjoyable activity that puts some money in my pocket! My hat is off to you and is going into the ring….

  79. Andy Bakori says

    I would love to be considered for one of the free copies of your growing system. I love your web site and refer to it often.

  80. Donna says

    Mike- I always enjoy your educational gardening infor and your personal comments and I would definitely cherish a copy of your new book

  81. Renee says

    I would love a copy of your system! I’ve been trying to do some of the plantins the way you explain them but am not having any luck. So, here’s my hat in the ring too.

  82. Beulah Clark says

    Hey there twitter buddy,

    We love what you share with us on FB. Be a honor to receive a copy of your book.

  83. Judie says

    I’ve gleaned several good ideas from your newsletters and would really appreciate a copy of your new book and system. Thank you for all the info you send out to us. I really do appreciate it a lot!


  84. larry grondin says

    Firt off mike I’d like to thank You for the ebook,this is my 1st year growing and have had some success with tomatoes,cukes-two 4″plants that are well over 8′,alot of different rules for growing in arizona ijust put in green beans wich after only 9 days are over 6″ tall (from seed)also planted bok choy,cauliflower,carrots and leeks all are coming through the ground already.I WOULD LOVE A COPY OF YOUR GROWING SYSTEM,Iwish Ihad started gardening years ago I’m hooked, also put in some Tropicanas, red and yellow bird of paradise and various flowers.
    thanks again,

  85. Wieger Jonker says

    Hey Mike,

    Great lottery!

    I wish everyone success, but hope I will be one of the three lucky winners.

    Success with the finishing touch on your new book.

    Wieger, Aruba

  86. Michael Weed says

    I would like to be considered for the book because my biggest problem is room. My parents have a fern nursery here at their house and the yard is pretty much full. There are areas that I can clean out and use this system to start a new business. Thanks Mike.

    Mike Weed
    Metairie, LA

  87. Eric Grunewald says

    I’ll toss my hat in the ring. I’ve been building raised beds with screened covers for growing strawberries, blueberries & raspberries, and have a “nursery” section for small trees that sprout up around our apartment, 4 vegetable garden areas, and a growing shade garden. Plus a citrus grove on our front porch of potted grapefruit, lemon & orange trees from seeds. If we don’t eat or can it I’d like to sell the excess to help recoup some of the material investment, and expand even more. It’s a jungle out there!

  88. Janice Jacobson says

    Indeed, put my hat in the ring. I love your site and glean much info from it which I share with my Garden Club. I live on an acreage and have many flower beds and a veg garden. This year was a challenge as a huge shortage of rain.

  89. Joe Lentz says

    I do not have a website.
    I have enjoyed this for years. I am retired and on Social Security. I have been wanting to buy the system but seem to run out of money each month before I get it done. I could sure use the extra income . I have plenty of land and ample supply of spring water. My wife is from Blufton Ohio and I would have liked to visit but got the impression I was not welcome unless I was a member. I would love to belong with your group
    Thank you Mike.

  90. Stehanie Ripoyla says

    I have small plants and am looking for BIG profits. Show me how with a free copy!!! Thanks so much!

  91. Buddy Trimyer says

    I’m a long time reader, first time poster.
    Really have enjoyed the emails and videos through the years.
    Keep up the great work.



  92. nadine sutton says

    Way to go! Congratulations on another mile stone!
    Would Love a set since my back won’t let me do much else to make a living LOL!!

  93. Fay says

    Would love to have a copy of your new Improved book. I am sure it surpasses the previous one, but that is hard to believe!!!!

  94. Diane says

    Always look forward to your posts and whatever information I can glean from them. So yes! i am throwing my hat in the ring as well!!!

  95. Donald Staib says

    I am still learning about this aspect of gardening. This would make a great addition to my reference library. Thanks

  96. Edward Reeves says

    I have had 100% success rooting cuttings using your playsand method – now I have to grow them on before the frost comes !! – hope this offer will help.
    aggressively dead heading roses has turned out to be a good idea for me.


  97. Lauren A. says

    I’d love a copy of this book. Your informative posts have made me a believer that anyone can go from having a black thumb to having a green thumb and loving every step of the way!

  98. Beverly says

    Here’s my hat in the ring. I can only hope to win this new book and system, I am already a permanent member of your system as well as Dustin’s information system. Keep up the good work, and keep us all posted on your success. Thanks.

  99. Rick Kaleda says

    Mike……….I’m a volunteer Master Gardener at OSU Trumbull County and Fellows Riverside Gardens at MillCreek Park in Youngstown. Your frequent tips have helped me become a much better gardener, and I refer all my friends to your site. Please.. can I have a book?


  100. Lanah says

    I love to garden, and would love to implement your system here where I live in SEi Michigan. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Lanah Harris

  101. Patsy Brooks says

    I am so glad I found you. I’m an avid gardener and have been since I started in the garden with my dad, picking rocks out and into the wheel barrow. I learned what a great feeling it was to see our garden grow and what it produced. I have worked in our garden or have had a garden ever since. I am 56 now. I try to pick the best seeds every year and always win lots of ribbons and special awards at the fairs. I am very organic and hate to use pesticides, so do it naturally with plants such as marigolds, etc. I use natural fertilizer, my rabbits’ manure. I have always wanted a nursery but have never had the money being a single hard working mom for the last 16 yrs. I really enjoy all your tips! They have helped me tremendously. I’ve planted blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries this year. I just love being in my gardens. The smell of the earth, the gentle breeze, the birds singing and the sun on my face just makes me feel a part of the whole grand theme. Thank you for all you do to help others, Mike!

  102. John says

    I would love a copy. I am thinking of starting up a landscaping business and what better way of keeping costs down than growing your own stock?

  103. says

    I would love to be in the running for this! I am an avid gardener, running a small greenhouse and nursery business and selling at local Farm Markets all summer. I have used a lot of your hints and tips to help my business. You have such awesome ideas and I would love to use even more! Hope I can get this!

  104. MICHAEL KLAUK says


  105. Jess says

    I would love to be entered into the running to win a copy of your new system. I appreciate the chance, and love getting your e-mails!

  106. Jim says

    Need a way to supplement my income, have a open yard to do so and enjoy watching things grow, so here’s my hat, too!


  107. Vicki Lockwood says

    I’d love to receive a copy of your book! A writer myself, I’m always interested in books. and then there’s my garden, which is one way for my family to survive in this economy. I’d love info that would help me expand my knowledge and increase my earning potential!

  108. Judith Browning says

    So glad to receive this email and to be considered for this gift is humbling. My husband and I have been backyarding for a few years now and just started getting your emails and would love to buy the book! I have a sister that recently semi-retired that I think would love to get your book too! this would be awesome as she is just into getting started with the backyard growing and I am so excited to get her started too! I sent her some cuttings of my stuff and she is excited too! Thanks again and will purchase your book!

  109. Margo Ruschmann says

    I have followed your tips over the last few years, and enjoy you videos especially. I have sold a few plants that grow in my one acre, and am looking for more precise information in what to grow for a better profit where I live. So far the hanging baskets are a big seller in the summer in NC, but not what I want to produce. What do you have to say about all the plants that compete at a low price at big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot? Is that addressed in your course? I have lots of questions, and want to throw my hat in the ring. Thanks, Margo
    p.s. I like that you will have a book that I can hold. Great idea!

  110. robyn henry says

    I just love reading your emails. You have given us some very useful tips. My friends love it when I give them a little start of a plant. I haven’t started selling them its fun to give them away. I would love a copy.

  111. Ian says

    Greetings Mike and Duston,
    Goodluck on your new product, thanks for all the valuable information in the newsletter. If I’m lucky I will try your system sooner, if not a little later.

  112. Tess says

    Thanks for the offer, Mike!!! I would very much like to receive one of your Backyard Growing System! Have seen that Japanese Maples are the best trees to grow… and needing to make an income while disability is on hold… God bless!!!

  113. Leanne says

    Would definitely like to be considered for a free copy. I also raise rabbits and this would let me utilize my free fertilizer. Meaning I could have a salad with my rabbit and noodles.
    Thank you

  114. Tiffany K. says

    Hi! I am excited about your new book! I am looking forward to seeing what you have thought you needed to improve on and my hat is officially thrown in the ring! Thank you!

  115. Dianna says


  116. Mary Hardy says

    Throwing in my hat, right here, right now. I love the newsletters and would very much like to have this to help me understand, get new ideas and gain some knowledge about plants. Maybe I can gain a small part of the green thumb my mother had.

  117. says

    Hi Mike:
    I have been waiting for the opportunity to actually make money from my small out-of-the-way property. I even have a little holey greenhouse to help bring plants along. I love your humor, and so appreciate a chance to win your backyard growing system – Thank you!

  118. c trottier says

    Having just retired, I am looking forward to expanding my plant propagation efforts for distribution beyond family and friends. A new and expanded version of your system would be the ticket.

  119. penny says

    I have enjoyed reading your emails for a while now. You make gardening seem very easy. Even if
    I don’t win I will still enjoy your emails. Thanks.

  120. Barbara Rudolph says

    Hi Mike, I would really like to do something nice and get this for my husband Jim. He took the Master Gardener course last winter and started a nice garden and I think your Backyard Growing System will help him to do something more. Thank you for the consideration.

    Greeneville, TN

  121. Diane says

    Hey Mike,
    I have way too many hats I wear, so am throwing one into the ring (might even cut down my workload) and would love a copy of the new bok. Have been fascinated by your website and regular newsletters. I have 10 acres, 5 that are ripe for something interesting to plant!

  122. says

    I would like to be considered for the gardening system. I also have sent you two request and your son intercepts them. Can you please answer me back about these issues I have?
    Thank you,
    Julia Dickinson

  123. Margaret Metzger says

    I would love to receive you version.
    I do have the other version and found it to be most

    Thanks for all you do for all of us

  124. Genny Sample says

    Heres my hat!!!!!!! I moved to south Fl. last year and am having the darnest time getting things to grow. I NEED YOUR BOOK BADLY.

  125. RuthE Haper says

    Would love a free copy! You can keep my hat! I enjoy your newsletter and look forward to the update. Thanks.

  126. joy says

    I will thrpw my hat in the ring for a free copy. my husband I bought 20 acres last year 10 of it a meadow. We are starting from scratch and need all the help we can get.


  127. Jamie A Griffin says

    My partner and I have a landscape contracting business in NJ. We live on a small farm and have been talking about beginning to grow for ourselves and later expanding as a source of income when we retire. We’re intrigued with your concept and your talent for networking and communication! Would love a chance to win a copy of your new book. Count us in!


  128. dave says

    i would love a free copy i feel like i am where you were when you started only i dont have any pop bottles to return. i really love all the info you put out there for free thanks for all your help in these very trying times

  129. Susie says

    Watching things grow always gives me great enjoyment. I’d love a free copy from a professional gardener who is so willing to share his vast knowledge, and is so pleasantly down-to-earth.

  130. Sheryl says

    I’d love to have a chance to win this! As grandparents, we are trying to pass along our love of garden to the grandkids. Your emails sure are appreciated, so much helpful information! Thanks for the opportunity to win, but mostly for sharing so much with all of us! God Bless!

  131. Myrna Daniel says

    Mike, I don’t have a hat but I will pitch my Razorback Cap in the ring for one of your Backyard Growing Systems. I love your ideas. Thanks for what you do.

  132. Joy Mays says

    hi, thanks for the opportunity to own one of the first copies of the book and DVD. Please throw my name in the ring.
    happy planting, joy

  133. says

    Hi Mike,I’d love to have one of the copies of your book. I’ve sold a few daisy,& black eyed susan plant’s I have growing,but I’d like to try it full scale. The flea market is just up the street from me,so I know they’s sell,plus the plant’s you sent me last year are doin’ great except for one of the wigela’s,the sun this summer burned it up,as much as I tried to protect it. Thyank’s again,Michael

  134. barb says

    i would love a free copy or your book. i am into gardening and always interested in how to plant my garden as well as my flowers. thankyou so much for the chance teo win.

  135. Cheryl Wender says

    I finally have time to update my backyard ! Would love the system to assist in this! Put my name in… Thanks for sharing your expertise!!!

  136. Laurin Cooper says

    Let’s jump in here too! Got 2 year old twin boys here and I am 49! They were 23 weeks….4 months premature, 6 months in the NICU to a total of $2.5 milion! Need all the help we can get….growing them and plants too…what a life!

    Thanks for all you do!

    one proud daddy!

  137. Barbara says

    I have enjoyed reading your tips on gardening and watching the videos. It is all very practical, down to earth tips we can use. I appreciate the website!

  138. Andrea says

    I would love a copy of you book. In May of 13 I will retire after 27 1/2 years of teaching.. I will have extra time on my hands to work in my yard, and read your book and see if I can teach myself from your words…lets see if I learned anything from teaching….thanks for everything Mike…

  139. Terry Bateman says

    I’ve been reading you emails for about 3 years now. The tips are terrific. I’d love to be considered for your free give away!

  140. Gardening Pal says

    Sure… I’d LUV a gift copy of your book… been implementing your ideas here and there on a trial basis the past few years.

    I’m currently checking out the agriculture selling laws in my state to see what’s allowed. Ditto for online sales.

    My first plant starts from cuttings are rooting in pots right now.

    I also have about 1000 Norway spruces – from 6 to 36″ high I’d like to find out how to sell. They are self started on my mountainside in New York state at the edge of the forest. Would appreciate if you could give me a lead on that – even if I don’t win your gift copy of your book.

    Many of my friends have been turned on to your site (by me :) – including my brother who is a serious gardening fan…. has his own greenhouse now :)

    Thanks for all you are doing to help make the world a greener ~ and prettier ~ place! We appreciate it!

  141. Clifton Brown says

    Thank you for your generosity. I’m tossing my hat into the ring for one of them there new-fangled Backyard Growing Systems.

  142. Venice says

    Hi Mike and Duston! So glad you’re doing a new book – I know it will be awesome. I save all of your emails so I can go back and review them or when I need specific advice. Would be great to have a book at hand and DVDs would be like hands on help. Sometimes seeing someone doing a project is easier than reading about it. Thanks for all your help and best of everything in the future! Throw my hat in the ring please!

  143. Karen Isaacson says

    Awfully generous of you to offer free copies to folks, especially in tough times like these when folks (like me, out of work for 4 years) are searching for ways to be productive and make ends meet.

  144. Edye says

    Hi Mike. Thanks for your emails. I consider myself a a wannabe gardener. (want to expand…want to do more, etc) I enjoy your emails as they are fun and informative. I learn new things with each one. I would love a copy of your system, but in the mean time keep sending out the emails!

  145. Bill Whittington says

    A copy would go great with our new Hobby Greenhouse
    Read every article of Mike’s, I can find. “Great Info”.

  146. Arlette Bradford says

    Hi Mike, Love your ideas. They are simple and easily followed. It would be so helpful to have it in book form. Thank you AB

  147. Robert says

    Mike, I have really enjoyed all the wonderful blogs you have sent out. They are priceless. I do hope I may receive one of the free books as I’m sure it’s priceless as well.

  148. Deb says

    I don’t have a hat, so I’m throwing a free kitten in the ring. Even if I don’t win the book, you can keep the kitten!

  149. Kat says

    I would love to be considered for a free copy of your new Backyard Growing System. As a faithful follower of yours for a few years now, I have learned a lot…and have so much more to learn.

  150. Meredith says

    What a great idea! Thanks for the opportunity, Mike. Here’s my hat thrown in. I love the new title, “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home”. The new and revised edition of the Backyard Growing System will be a great win for any of us. Looking forward to all that’s in store (*^_^*) Life is Good

  151. Nancy IAK says

    Hi, Mike — I have been following your advice for many years and I’d love to own your new system — so here’s my hat! Thanks for all you do….

  152. Lady Laurelle says

    May God Bless you, mike. You are helping those of us get back on our feet, and add more of God’s beauty into this fast paced crazy world. If you find that i am worthy, I hope you will consider me for one of your free systems. I remain a true devotee with a thumb that is turning greener.

  153. Rebecca Farr says

    I would love to be one of your Backyard Growing Systems. My son is 47 and now disabled and it would help him to become more confident of himself being able to be productive. Not being able to do things like you used to do is very depressing; I feel this might uplift his spirits.

  154. Jim Cleaver says

    Mike I love your website and blog. Please consider me for a copy of your new backyard growing system. I just built a small greenhouse and thinking of plunging into the backyard growing world. Kelp the good info coming. Jim

  155. Linda says

    Would love to have a copy. I have enjoyed your material so much. Am retired now and would like to start a productive hobby – growing plants sounds like a winner to me. Thanks for the opportunity to submit my “hat” for consideration.

  156. Randy says


    I can’t throw my hat in the ring, my head would get sunburned, though I would like to be considered for the New Version.

    Thank you,

  157. Steve Wisbey says

    Please consider my hat thrown in. I would love the chance to follow your system and test it out here in England but I just don’t have the spare cash, definitely a good home for one here.

  158. Angela Scott says

    I would love to receive your new back yard growing system. I have your first book and love it. I have been a fan for years.

  159. Angie Buckmiller says

    I would love to have to have a copy of your book. Please let me know when copies are available to purchase.. Your emails have helped so much.. I live in the Texas hill country, with a lot of deer and rocks (Above ground beds), what ever help you can give me on this.
    Thank you so much

  160. Joseph says

    While I haven’t sol any plants yet. Mike, you haven’t given great advice that I have put into practice for myself and a friend or two.

    Thanks Mike an keep up the good work.

  161. Madeleine Dewar says

    I’ve been propagating plants from seeds I’ve collected for years and have been thinking about selling plants at the local farmer’s market. As a senior on a fixed income it sure would be a treat to win the free book. That just might be what I need to get my *ss in gear, get organized and just do it!

  162. KP says

    Hi Mike,

    Would love to have my hat in the ring too. We appreciate all the helpful info you share with all of us! Hoping to get back to more growing soon!

  163. pat gibson says


  164. george says

    Your whole philosophy on life keeps me reading your posts. I learn and grow as much as my plants. I finally have a backyard where I can finally do some your ideas. You have changed my view point on gardening. I wish you success with this new book, and if I don’t win one, please send me the information to purchase.

  165. Dennis Stewart says

    Thanks for the Great news letters that I receive. If your book is as good as the newsletters. It would be a real treasure to have in my library.
    thanks, dennis

  166. Luckybug says

    Happy Sunday! So generous already with sharing all your hard work with the world! And now this! Amazing! My hat’s off to ya! Thank you and your family for helping landscape my yard and offer my friends and family the same opportunity! Smiles!

  167. al says

    Hey Mike,
    Enjoy your blog and newsletter. I would like to receive one of your new version of backyard growing system. thanks.

  168. Joseph says

    Correction of my post

    While I haven’t sold any plants yet. Mike, you HAVE given great advice that I have put into practice for myself and a friend or two.

    Thanks Mike an keep up the good work.

  169. bob miller says

    I retired several years and have been trying to learn gardening techniques off hand…..I believe your guide would be a great asset to my development in becoming a home use gardener. Thanks for this opportunity.

  170. Ruby Shedlock says

    I would like this for my husband and myself and our son. He was like you and worked at a nursery when he was in high school and from that experience he loves plants. This would be a worderful opportunity for us to work together. We are retired and could use more income. I have enjoyed your emails.


  171. says

    Oh thank you for this awesome opportunity! Would love to be part of the drawing. :)

    I’ve appreciated all your info for some years now and continue to do so.

    Thank you!

  172. BarbiSu Friend says

    Finally, after much effort I will have a home with dirt outside by September 1, 2012 and much of my strength to accomplish this has come from knowing I will be able to put what I’ve been soaking up from you into practice! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us who need your help out here. I would appreciate a free copy of “Small Plants Big Profits from Home” certainly as much as anyone else and maybe more than most. Come on Random…select me.

  173. Dionndra says

    I would love to have a backyard growing system. My children and I are looking forward to starting our own garden this year!

  174. Aubrey - South Africa says

    I have enjoyed your Website for quite some time.

    I have only recently realised that it is time for me to spread some of your ideas and planting systems to the gardeners of South Africa.

    So lets see what we can do with your new system and Free Book,

  175. Shelley Lee says

    A single mom who raised child inflicted with multiple disabilities and low immune system has finally saved enough money to purchase little property and install used trailer. Now I can live the dream that you have always talked about–growing plants to make money at home. Each week I eagerly open your e-mail with new ideas which have led me to sucessful propogation. Have been financially strapped and unable to purchase your Backyard Growing System but do my best to piece together the information you supply on your web site and e-mails. Please consider me for a copy of your system.
    Oh, congrat’s on developing your new sytem!

  176. phyllis says

    I’m just a noice gardener and could use all the help I can get..thank you for considering me for a copy of your book

  177. says

    I would really appreciate a copy of your system. I am a 100% disabled veteran that is building my dream, “The Highlands” farm and ranch. “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” will be a big help in my goal of starting a working, and profitable, small scale farm specializing in Heritage breed livestock and OP plants. Thank you for considering my request. Have a Great Day!

  178. Karen says

    Love, love, love your e-mails and videos!!!
    I have learned so much from you and I can’t wait for your new release! I don’t know how anything ever grew for me before I had your information. Thank you.

  179. Donna says

    I so enjoy getting and using all the usefull information I get from you. I love gardening and growing plants in my home. If I win your new backyard growing system I can do even more. Thanks Mike for all you do and this opportunity. Donna

  180. says

    While everyone likes “free”, I’m sure there are others here that deserve a free copy much more than I do. That being the case, I’ll be satisfied if you will just give me a heads-up as soon as the new product is available for purchase.

  181. alexis says

    Mike, I’ve about worn out the video cassettes that i got from you — let’s see — well, years ago — plus you have updated those ancient but great teaching aids, hence my hat is yours. Thanks for keeping the faith all these years.

  182. Eleanor Miller says

    I would love to receive a copy of this book. I have lots of perennials to divide and sell, as well as many others to propagate, and I know it would be very useful. Please enter my name into the hat!!

  183. Earl says

    Am retired and on SS. Am converting most of my backyard to a garden for needed income.Your experiences and advice would be invaluable. Thank you for considering me.

  184. Ann Bouwense says

    I would love to learn more about your system. I am retired and supporting not only myself, but also my son and grandson as there are no jobs here for my son. My income (retirement & SS) barely covers our essentials; nothing left over. My son and I changed a calechi (sp?) and clay yard into almost a garden paradise. Could not complete due to lack of funds, not space. With your system We can put our garden to work not only supplying vegetables, fruit and herbs, but also an income.

    Thank you, Mike, for considering me as a beneficiary of your generosity.

  185. marta mattingly says

    I am new and don’t even know what a wicking system is and have been staring at a crape myrtle cutting for two weeks waiting for it to root, which could take months, I don’t know, shows what a novice I am, but I’m throwing my not-so-knowleageable hat in the ring anyway!

  186. Chris says

    I would love to have one of your growing systems. I am new to gardening–only about 3 years in and still learning. My job situation is now in flux and something like this could be a great thing to boost my situation.!

  187. Theresa Revell says

    Ah! I’ve been waiting for one of these contests! I’ve been reading your newsletters for a long time and have really enjoyed reading your advice and ideas! Hat’s in and fingers are crossed!

  188. Herb Huff says

    I appreciate the ‘deal’ I have been talking to my wife about growing trees…it might hot have sounded like talk, but I grew up around trees because I lived in the Ferdinand Forest and Dad lived there. My problem is that I need some help with dirt, sunshine, freezing and droughts. You have helped in so many ways. Thanks and God’s love.

  189. Charles says

    Let us get growing with the good ideas and practical methods you share in the Backyard Growing system. I would appreciate the new insights. Thanks these are most useful. Charles D.

  190. David Arnold says

    I enjoy learning from you letters. I’m 82 and your system could be of help to me since I have peripheral neuropathy in both feet and legs.
    Thanks for your consderatio!

  191. Bart says

    Hi Mike,

    I would love a free copy of your book. I am the garden coordinator for a garden where all the veggies grown are given away at a food pantry. We also have an after school garden club for kids in a low income neighborhood. I am looking for ways for the kids to learn about business while earning money from gardening. Thanks for your consideration!

  192. Deborah says

    Put my hat in the ring for a free copy! I enjoy the things I have learned from you over the years. I had rather be outside than eat, although now I can find plenty to eat without having to go inside! Thanks to you! Loving Gardening! I am ready to take it to a new level. Thanks again Mike!

  193. jim stricklin says

    Hi getting ready to retire looking for something I can do at home love working with plants and gardening Thanks

  194. Wayne Nicholson says

    Good day Mike
    I would really like to learn your system and put it to work up here in Canada. I have been very interested in growing plants my whole life.
    It would really help me out if I could get your information for free because I can not afford to buy it at this time. I would like to be able to earn a few extra dollars from home.
    Thanks for everything

  195. Ed says

    I would love to have a copy. My 10 and 7 year old kids love to garden with Dad. I would love a copy of your systems so we could spend even more time growing memories

  196. Gail W. says

    I would love a copy of your new growing system. Also would love a copy of the new book. So, I am throwing or typing my name in for the system. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work in making our lives easier. Thank you….

  197. garyD says

    Well, I certainly am throwing my cuttings in! Pun intended mind you.I’ve done a lot of your system using cave man methods, In other words, by using bits and pieces that you’ve shared over the years and I would finally love to actually see what I could accomplish with ALL OF YOUR knowledge Mike.


  198. Tara says

    yes, count me in. Thanks so much for all you do to help the greening of the world and helping to heal the Great Mother

  199. Megan says

    Hello Mike,

    I really have enjoyed your website and all the great information you provide to us for free. I look forward to your e-mails with all the great tips and stories! I love plants and flowers and would especially appreciate an opportunity to make a living with something I enjoy so much. I started propagating cuttings from my burning bush with your technique of sand and a white trash bag and its working! So thrilled about it! So my hat is thrown in with great expectation to be one of the winners!! Thank you!

  200. Sissy Wilkinson says

    WOW You are one generous man!!! I’m throwing in my hat for an awesome chance to win. I would love this if I’m selected, what an awesome opportunity this would open for me. Thank you so much Mike for doing this. Good luck to the other two winners since I’ve won one…ha ha ha just kidding, although I really do hope and pray that I win one out of the three. Your advice and guidance is always correct and sooooooo helpful. You are a plus to the joy of growing plants. You’re just the best Mike, thanks again. And… please do consider me as a winner in your decision and you can keepmy hat (lol). God Bless You. :) Sissy

  201. Jill says

    Hi Mike –

    I am officially tossing in our hats!! I’ve followed your information for about a year and just love it. Until my arthritis became more of a challenge, I always had a full vegetable garden every season. I’d love to be able to do more, but at this point I have very limited mobility. My husband has just lost his job after almost 25 years – so I’m hoping we can start a little planting business and make a living from home. We could sincerely use a copy of this wonderful book – it could help us get started in a little business of our own. I’m good on the computer and have always wanted to start a blog – but have lacked a topic – perhaps this could be it! Here’s hoping that we get the opportunity to get to know you better!

  202. Denise Rosburg says

    Hi Mike,

    I was recently laid off and have been selling a lot of my plants that I have started off of my mother plants to supplement my income. I enjoy reading your newsletters and could use really use the book. I enjoy growing plants,and working in my garden. Thank you for offering the free books, it is very kind of you.

  203. Lauren Swietlicki says

    Would love to have a copy, I need all the help I can get. Please enter my name in the hat. Thanks, LJS

  204. Mark says

    Wow what a great deal. Can’t wait would love to have the Brand New Backyard Growing System! getting excited to start my Backyard Nursery. My wife and I Have already made some cutting and getting ready to set up the the legless work bench, I learned so much from you. Thanks you so much for what you Have done for so many Pepole. Mark

  205. Gillian says

    I would like to throw my hat in the ring. It is my dream to have a backyard nursery so I can leave my 9-5 but still feed my family and keep our beautiful 2 acre property.

  206. Cheryl says

    Hey there! I don’t wear hats – butI would love to be onsidered for one of your three. I have been folloing you for a long time and reading every word your print. I would truly enjoy practicing what you preach.

  207. Jennie Karros says

    Hey Mike! I would love to win a copy of your system! I live on an acreage and would like to see if your system could work for me!

  208. Linda says

    Hi, I’ve been ready your emails, blog and website for a long time and keep hoping we could find the 2 nickles to rub together and buy the system you offer, to give us an income, but living on Social Security have not been able to yet. So of course I have to try to win it! Really thank you for the opportunity!! Oh, and all the information you provide is just great!!!

  209. Lynn says

    I’ve been reading your website and your Facebook posts for a long time and have learned so much! I’ve always been wanting to buy your Backyard Growing System info but it always seems like the money has to go for something else…like groceries, utility bills, etc., you know, un-fun stuff like that! I’m thrilled to be given a chance to win one! Thank you so much!

  210. Donna lee says

    Mike- I’d love to have a copy of your book,throw my name in!The new format,training program sounds fun.

  211. Allan says

    Most info I get from you is applicable to my situation and definitly worth the read. My cyber stetson is off to you.

  212. Gordon says

    I have on your E-Mail list for many years and have always found the information useful. I am buying a home here in California and would like to go for it. I’m in for the free copy

  213. Kay says

    Hi Mike,

    I have enjoyed your very informative articles and tips on growing and propagating plants. I am retired and learning new things. Hopefully, I will get one of the copies of your book to encourage me to grow plants on a bigger scale to make some money.

  214. Terry Sutton says

    Yes!! sign me up for a chance at your new book. I am really “new” at this and have more questions than you can believe and with the dry weather really have missed out on a lot of starting my own plants. I have about 30 burning bushes and many spireas–you tell me I have the possiblity of thousands of starts but they are really drying up. Will definitely be smarter next year. Have a blessed day.

  215. rina says

    I have to say that I have enjoyed all your emails. It has kept me encouraged during a difficult time. Though my life has been changed forever, gardening has sustained me and will remain one of my passions. You have not only made it possible to continue even on a budget but to even make money and maybe one day make a livelyhood out of it. Many Thanks. Bless you and your family. Sincerely Rina.

  216. Jess says

    Kids recently built me a green house, now would like to fill it with plants. Sounds like you have a fool proof plan so would like to get a copy, tossing my hat in the ring. Would give me something to do in retirement.

  217. Debbie says


    What I love most about your books and newsletters is that they really offer GREAT information.

    I’m handicapped and there are few things that I can still do and enjoy. Gardening is one of the things that I have loved for many years.

    I can’t wait to see the new revised edition of your Backyard Growing System.

    Thank YOU for sharing!

  218. Mary Butterfield says

    Dear Mike,
    I would love to have a business but I don’t think yours would work here we have 6 acres but our soil is kalecie and our water is jip, (has a high salt content) If you know what to do to change these problems please I would love your Backyard Growing System.My husband is disabled and I am 63 years old and live on Social Security. Could really use a money maker.

  219. Kathy Hatfield says

    Hello Mike,
    Love reading over your information. Lost my job last year and still looking for a new one – – but growing things out here on our acre-and-a-half may make more sense! Keep up your fun and informational site!

  220. Dan says

    Well I can say the timing is perfect.The backyard too a beating this year from the extreme weather.Having this would go a long ways to help rebuild the backyard with the proper guidance .

  221. Victoria Teabo says

    Hi Mike , I would enjoy being a winner of your Backyard Growing System. I love getting your emails and the helpful topics. Good luck to all who enter this contest.
    Thank you ,

  222. Hildebrando says

    Now that I have retired, I’ve been paying attention to things that really matter in life: family,health, love. I’ve always enjoyed seeing plants grow but my job in teaching barely gave me time to admire the trees and flowers in my home. I want to be a student again, and I you strike me as an ideal teacher, committed to helping others, and above all unselfish to share your knowledge. Like you, I’m a believer in simplicity as the best tool to plant ideas successfully in the minds of your students. I only hope I’m one of the lucky winners of your Backyard Growing System.

  223. Susan says

    I would love a copy of your book so I am putting my hat in the ring. I have been looking for an at home job since I can not find work. This would be a great help. Thanks

  224. Susan says

    Here’s my hat too, Mike! Now that the kids are all raised, it’s my turn to play in the dirt! Thanks for all your wonderful information. It is so much appreciated!

  225. jim says

    I have often wondered how to supplement my daughter’s pet grooming commercial business. She already has a clientel coming through the door. If I could show them what Mike has to offer it could be the answer to my prayers. Thanks Mike for the opportunity to help others. Jim

  226. Donna says

    After reading your newsletters for more than three years, I had finally decided to “go for it” and buy and try your system, here on the west coast of Canada. You’re timing couldn’t be better…and I’m feeling lucky. Thanks Mike.

  227. Rick says

    I’ve benefited from the old Backyard Growing System, and I can’t wait for the new improved one. Good job !!!

  228. Dave P. says

    I’d love to have a copy. We are looking at ways/things to grow at our condo with the possibility of moving to a house to grow more in the future.
    Thanks and Best Wishes!

  229. Donna says

    Would love to be one of the lucky few…always enjoy your helpful tips & videos. We recently purchased some acreage and have been looking for an affordable way to make it work for us.

  230. david bridgewater says

    many thanks for the opertunity you have given your readers to win a copy of your new book.Icould not afford the last one but thanks for the chance. your free advice on your websight has worked well for me Many Thanks Dave

  231. Danl Giles says

    I would be so very interested in a copy, as I have followed your site for the last 2 years and want so much to incorporate it into my lifestyle. I have received your emails for a long time, stuck in a small basement apartment with so little light that even clippings that I tried to keep alive would not last in the tiny window that I had there. We have finally moved (into a trailer) and have a small yard with lots of sunshine! Please consider me for one of the three! Sincerely and with lots of thanks

  232. Luann says

    Reading all your emails inspired me to plant a vegetable garden. I know it’s not your method but I thought I would slowly get back into gardening with vegetables first. If the vegetable garden was successful I would try plants your method. Well my vegetable garden was hugely successful so it has inspired me to start transplanting quick ornamental growers. If it wasn’t for your email and free ebooks I never would have started gardening again. Thank you for your constant encouragement. I look forward to your new publication.

  233. chris molloy says

    I would love to have your new system, I am trying to start my own backyard growing business and this would be a huge help!

  234. The Canadian Tree Lover says

    I have a passion for trees and watching them grow. I’ve always been excited to get your emails and explore your website. I trust your knowledge and instincts and I would truly value it as a gift and put it to work. As a horticulture student with room to grow I would love to have a copy!

    As long as it’s signed :P You the man;)

  235. Linda says

    I would love to be considered for your system. I will be retiring next year but don’t want to set around and do nothing. I love gardening and being outdoors. Sometimes it is hard to do here in Utah. My husband has been disabled since 2006 so my income is the only one besides his disability. Love all the items you post weekly, I read them all the time. Thanks so much for all the advice you give.

  236. Janie Roberts says

    Thanks so much for your eMails! A copy of your new book would be a GodSend! Due to health concerns, I have my bad days & my not as bad days, I think others may not know this, but your writings are aimed at MEmeME, (like the rest of the world) I never knew how much I could actually get accomplished BM ( before Mike) I had to close down my catering business several years ago due to my health & in preparing to begin when the weather cools a bit, I have found another life for those take-out containers that I have just not had the heart to throw out (see hoarding 101) they were sooo danged expensive.I have about 400-500 Chinese take-out kinda boxes, I think they just might work! Watch out Garden Centers in Concord, NC, HERE I COME!!! THANKS Friend!

  237. JH Carlson says

    Really enjoy the info from your emails. Would love to get a copy of your new material. If I’m not selected, guess I’ll just save up & get one. Thanks for the opportunity

  238. Gerrie says

    Hi Mike! I’ve been reading about you for many years and I count on you to help me prove my arguments with my husband!! A big


    ps: I would love to have one of the free copies of the new book you are soon going to publish. Thanks again!

  239. Brian Wascom says

    Thanks for the offer mike! I love all your info! Can’t wait for your new Stuff to come out! Thanks for the Chance to win it free! Have a great day :)

  240. Naomi Stites says

    I would love a copy! Your newsletters are easy to read…fun to read…and so very helpful. Thank you for being passionate about our success.

  241. Ange says

    I would like a chance to win a copy of your new backyard growing system. I get most of my plants through propagation. Would love to do it on a large scale when I retire – hopefully soon.

  242. Julie Blake says

    I sure could use something to help with my gardening, and not too distant retirement funds.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  243. Corey says

    Each year my garden grows larger and larger. working with clay soil can be a challenge but who doesn’t like a good challenge. Please throw my hat into the ring. Thank you!

  244. Dorette South Africa says

    Hi! Lovely idea – here’s my hat too! We’re going into spring now, & things are starting to happen – lots&lots of clivias! Love your pruning tips! & have the old fish tanks for sprouting.. thanks!

  245. Cindy Golden says

    Hi Mike, Thanks for this opportunity! I’ve enjoyed your emails and would so love to have a copy of your book! I have the space and have wanted to begin this business for some time. I NEED another source of income as soon as possible.

  246. Brian Davis says

    Love your TIPS, still ain’t got a clue what I’m doing… with your new book at my side for reference my mate’s might have a chance… Trust me I need a FREE COPY BAD!!!! for their sake

  247. Mandy Pullin says

    I save all your emails because they are packed with great information as well as how to’s. I have a copy of the profitable backyard gardens which introduced me to you! I really want a copy of your new book and information. I have so much to learn and growing plants is one thing I am interested in and seem to be alright at. I would be so greatful to recieve your new growing system!

    Thank you for your time,
    Mandy Pullin

  248. DB says

    I would like to thank you for the chance to get a copy of your book, I refer to your e-mails all the time on trimming, pruning, planting, keeping the “weeds” at bay. I have shared your hints with many and will continue to do so. Please add my sweat band to the pile of hats that are in the ring. Have a great day and keep on a plenting.
    P.S. The fudge was great!!!!!!

  249. Matthew says

    Hi Mike! Since I think your one of the best online gardening hosts on the web, I would like to be considered for a free copy of your new product! Not only will I put it to work, I will update you on progress so that you can use my almost guaranteed testimonial for further product releases. Thanks for everything so far!

  250. Millie Sellers says

    Mike I would love to have one of these to give to my daughter & son in law for their new home. Also my daughter needs a way to make some $$$$$.

    My hat id IN..

    Thanks in advance,

  251. Dan Sorensen says

    Mike, I look forward to your emails, and would love to have your book to help me make my upcoming retirement more profitable.

    • rich diblasi says

      i’m 80 yrs old,been a gardner all my adult life…thought i knew it all ,but have gotten a good addition to my knowlege rhe last 3 yrs from your bloggs.the new course should be a winner

  252. Sherry Soltis says

    I also would love to be considered for your giveaway. I love your column, and all of your ideas and tutorials. You are a big help to us all.
    Sherry Soltis

  253. Chris Hinds says

    Hi Mike, I would love the Backyard Growing System. I love the emails you send out with the knowledge of growing plants! Thank you for the change to win one!

  254. Joe Nardone says

    Throwing my hat in the ring. I have a large back yard in need of more gardening and less nothingness. Would love to gain more knowledge and put it to use!

  255. Becky Panetta says

    Hi Mike, I love starting plants from seed, but your propagation techniques look like something I can do. Love your emails and videos. Thanks.

  256. Robert Berger says

    yes please, include me in your process. note that we have a totely diferent ego system here,summer showed here self the first of july. very wet up on tell then. short growing season third year in a row, my garden was planted three times. and is way behind maybe we will get an indian semmer? blessings to all of you.p.t.l.

  257. Roger says

    Starting a landscaping process on our new to us home. Glad that you have backyard gardeners here in the upper NW. Looking forward to getting plants from them. Maybe if I had a copy of the new book, I could become one also.

  258. West says

    Anything that doesn’t cost and helps put food on the table is always appreciated!
    Keep up the good work Mike!

  259. Sandy Stratton says

    Here’s my hat! I would love to have a copy of your book. You are appreciated!
    Kindly, Sandy Stratton

  260. Christine U says

    I’m most excited in the morning when the sun’s shining and I can get out into my garden :)Living in Scotland, this doesn’t happen often enough. I’m also a single parent on a low wage, so no matter how much I would love your growing system book, I just can’t afford it. Not at the moment anyway. I also look forward to your emails, which have helped me out a few times,and have passed your details on to a number of likeminded friends. The work you do is fantastic, My dream…..Maybe one day! Thankyou Mike.


  261. Kiki Stelly says

    Cool! My son and I have been talking about starting a backyard growing business for quite a while. This would be the ultimate motivator. New Orleans is a semi-tropical climate, really wet. I hope your system is adaptable :).

  262. Bonnie says

    Thanks for the info you email to me all the time. I really appreciate it. Keep the good work up. You have helped me a lot. Put my name in the hat please.


  263. GENE ROSE says

    Mike,I have enjoyed all the infomation that has been sent my way.I have a need to start this business asap.Aside from the enjoyment.My wife has had 3 strokes and now has uterine cancer.I believe this would help sidetrack us and help us financially.

  264. james says

    I don’t have a hat to throw in the ring, but I still would love, love, love to get a copy. Wanted a copy of the old system, but didn’t have the money. Maybe you will consider me for one of the copies.

  265. Danelle says

    Hi Mike. Please consider me for one of the backyard growing systems. Your emails have been an inspiration to me, and it has given me so many ideas for future gardens and plantings already. Thanks.

  266. Deb Rebel says

    Great! Please consider me.

    Easier than trying to win the lotto, less finicky too… and great if you love getting dirty playing in the potdirt anyways!

  267. Elinor Hartsell says

    Mike, I’m a senior whose experience is limited. My major interest is for plants that grow beautifully in poor soil and sparse water, with opportunity to share extras with others. Thanks for your generosity in offering ideas, varied plants, and ways to “pass it forward.” Best wishes!

  268. Janet says

    Dear Mike,

    I’ve been receiving your emails for several years. I always appreciate that I never feel my time is wasted reading them. You always give free advice and ideas and you are so encouraging. My hat is thrown in and I would like to be a successful student!

  269. says

    I would love to receive a free copy of your book so I could share it with my customers when when come into my shop. Can’t wait for the new one to come out!!!!!

  270. Doug says

    Looking forward to your new revised Backyard Growing System. With retirement fast approaching I need to get things started and this is just what I need.

  271. [email protected] says

    Mike, I read all your emails.I need to find a way to earn more income. I would love a free copy of your new book. I have been thinking about your plant growing system for a while and would like to get started using your new book. I want to learn how to propagate my own plants to sell.

  272. Kate Scott says

    I have been using so many of your ideas.. Thank you! I am on my way to being a backyard nursery, and I am Pres. of the local Garden Club with many Master Gardeners in it… I often look to them for advice, but they say, “Wherever you are getting your info, it’s right on”. Kudos to you Mike

  273. Victoria says

    Hi! I woukd love to win this giveaway! As a young gardener, I have spent much time learning, asking questions, andtrying new things. You have been a huge help! To have all this resource would really be a huge help.

  274. says

    I would love to receive a free copy of your book so I could share it with my customers when they come into my shop. Can’t wait for the new one to come out!!!!!

  275. Pete Giacopelli says

    What can I tell you Mike…….
    You’ve helped me with my Fig trees, Dogwoods (I have 2 saplings right now.)These were tough. Out of 10 seeds only these two mage it.
    My next project is the Cut Leave Dragon Japanese Maples.

    Going to need a little TLC>


  276. Kathryn Hayes says

    WOW, You have so many replys already, congratulations! My husband and I would love a copy of your new book. We would like to work at what we love and make money too. Please Please! Will you send us a copy of your new book? thank you for all you do.
    Guy and Kathryn Hayes

  277. says

    I would like the knowledge of knowning how to grow small plants. I grow a garden and a few fruit trees, make compost and love to grow all kind of plants, even plant what others in the flamly need planted. I would love a free copy and would use it all the time.By the way can I plant the seeds of a plum and get a tree? How many chilled hours doese it need? This is a Standly Plum,I just canned about 300 of them.I am looking fourward to your emails. Thank you for all you do.

  278. garnet says

    I have enjoyed your programs and invormative earthy commets. Looking forward to your is even nicer.

  279. Patrick Webb says

    As a single Dad with a handicapped son I have used as many of your ideas I could glean from your newsletters. I made the choice a few years ago to do as much work as I could from home to allow me to care for son. So would like to throw my hat into the drawing also.

  280. Barbara Walters says

    Well, Mike, it looks like you got a good response from many of us who would like to get your book. I just threw my hat in. Keep up the good work as I enjoy what you send. The only place I can find good practical ideas.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  281. Jean Burks says

    I would appreciate a copy of your book. We depend on our garden to carry us thru the winter. We are canning right now and packing away the green peppers and onions. We have already packed the zucchini, squash,celery, and carrots in the freezer. We have quart jars of herbs.

  282. says

    Hey Mike!
    Thank you for all your advice and inspiration. I’d love to be able to afford your new product, but for now I’ll hope to be a random recipient ‘;o) Yay!
    God Bless your efforts,
    ..kristin @ Joy Garden

  283. Lisa Burleson says

    I enjoy your blogs and help with all my backyard needs :0) would love the new version of your book !! lots of great info I’m sure !!! My Hat is in !!! :0)

  284. Desiree says

    I am an aspiring sustainable living convert. I found your website and have incorporated some of your ideas in my home. I have been out of a job for over a year and really enjoyed being home with my children. I am trying to put myself through school, nursing, because of all of my past experience I have been considered over qualified. So I am teaching my children the value of sustainable living. I find your work inspiring and while I am going to school I am trying to start my own business in natural living. Thank you for your inspiring ideas and please consider me in your drawing.

  285. E. Anne Wasson says

    Hi, Mike ~ I would love to be considered for one of your backyard growing systems … my granddaughter and I would like to “project” on this together and it would be an incentive to get her going on this … she is a true gardener and a great little saleslady! Thank you!

  286. William says

    I would like to be considered for one of your free copies . My wife and I have been living with her parents for the 25 years (of our marriage) and have set of boy and girl twins.We have brought them up in this home, (levitt house on Long Island,NY)not a large home by any means with a small yard. They are grown now and still living with us.
    Recently,Sadly, both her parents passed away (within 3 months of each other)We now own this home and instead of sharing costs we have the full cost of living ,mortgage, taxes, electric, oil, etc.
    The backyard growing system could sure help our situation.I have been thinking about your product for these reasons.
    Please consider “my hat” in the ring….

  287. says

    Hi Mike,
    I need a lot help in a hurry. I am 75 and try as I might, almost everything dies. I would like to throw my hat in the ring so I can have a lovely garden to sit in before my time is up. Thanks, Beth

  288. wylene says

    My husband retired as a Baptist Pastor after 42 years last year . We are looking for a way to have income added to the SS we draw as retirement. This is something that we could do and look forward to your shared knowledge! We live in Florida where the weather is great for most plants. Thank you for the consideration of the free book to help us.

  289. Sandy says

    Mike, living in the middle of Phoenix, all rock, lol, moving to the country by the end of the year, I’m throwing in my one straw Madeline gardening hat. Thanks for everything

  290. Bill McDade says

    Hey Mike,
    I live on approx 3 acres of land. 2 of which are just sitting there waitng to be used by something like you can obviously teach me so I’m also throwing in my hat and hoping to be fortunate enough to receive one of these programs. Thank you!

  291. Jeanette Howell says

    Faithfully read your great ideas – I’m an old Science teacher who still loves seeing seeds and cuttings sprouting! Thank you! Keep up the good work!
    Jeanette Howell

  292. Anonymous says

    Hi Dave,
    I would like to be considered for a copy of your system. I’ve followed you for a while and know it works. I work with a group of inner city kids who I think would greatly benefit from your program. Thanks for your considration.

  293. Michelle S. says

    I have my fingers crossed to win a free copy! Hoping to make lots of baby plants this fall with my campanula.

  294. Alice says

    Mike, I’ve been a subscriber for 10 years now and you have helped me in so many ways to grow plants here in SE Texas where it’s so hot and humid. I’d love a copy of your new books and CDs.

    Here’s my hat – catch it and send me the info.

  295. Sharon Marchessault says

    I’m also throwing my hat in the ring and you can keep it! I would love to have one of your free books though, your wealth of knowledge awesome.

  296. Patricia R. says

    Mike, I have learned so much from your website. I now root lots of bushes, mums and trees. I even save my bell pepper seed, dry them out, freeze them and plant them the next season. Then I make pepper relish which is a family favorite. Yes, I would like to have one of your free books…have tried many of your tips and they work!!!!!

  297. Mary Calder says

    I sure would love to be able to have a copy of your plan. I’ve been unemployed over a year, unemploymen has run out and I’ve finally found 2 days a week caring for an Alzheimers patient 46 milesaway. I love gardening and I love people…sounds like a perfect job. I don’t mind the work. But I wonder how well I could do here at 6600 ft. Short growing seasons and long cold winters. I’m gathering old glass for hot boxes or someday a greenhouse. The containers for air rooting you have shown look ineresting. We always did it with moss and cheese cloth. Well good luck to who ever wins.

  298. Brenda says

    Love to get one of the new updated versions.
    My sister and I love getting your e-mails to see what is hapening with you and the growing season.

  299. Tony Rivera says

    Hi dave please consider me for a copy as I work with inner city kids who i know will benefit from your program. Thanks for your consideration.

  300. Charles says

    Hey Mike
    Really enjoy gardening have done it since I was little with my grandmother. Would love to have your system
    Thanks Charles

  301. Athena Gracey says

    I would love to have a copy of your system. I have two girls that like to help me in my few flower beds that i have and i have already taught them what little i know about it. This would be a great activity for us to do together. Thank you so much, athena.

  302. Rebecca says

    My husband needs to make some money as he has been out of work for3 years now and I am dying supporting all of us.

  303. Jeanne says

    Do not have a hat to toss in, but maybe I should get one? Seriously, just found you yesterday when I was looking for information on Japanese Red Maples. Wow, found way more than I expected and have thus changed my whole garden plan. Thanks big time.

  304. Dennis Connolly says

    I’m throwing my hat in the ring, hope it lands in your front yard.. I am disabled and could use some good news..This would certainly qualify.
    Love your Email info so even if I don’t get free book I will look forward to getting them.

  305. Steve Jourden says

    I was forced into early retirement and have decided to grow shrubbery & other plants to supplement my SS. I will need to get supplies and plants from your recommended sources as I do not have any at this time. Thanks Mike for producing your website

  306. Therese says

    I have been following you for three years, since i came upon your site. I have always said, a true gardener always has an experiment going on. You have rekindled my passion for experimentation. I currently work for a big box store in the garden center and have come across a few of your backyard propagaters. I would so love to learn more and hopefully make some money at it. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Therese Mroczkowski

  307. Rebecca Toburen says

    I would like to be considered for one of your backyard growing systems. I’ve been following your websites for awhile and love the advice you give. Every time I’m about to buy your system, something happens in my life that sucks the money away, which has become a double frustration upon frustration for me. I love hearing all the good news and reading the posts. They encourage me to keep trying. Thank you.

  308. john menken says

    My son Charles Menken
    Just got out of the Marines and has great love for gardening.
    While he is figuring out what he wants to do and looking for a job,
    I thought he would like doing your program to make some money.
    After the Marines for some reason he has a lot of debt.
    Feel free to call him on his cell at
    267 261 2725

  309. Peggy says

    I have learned a lot from your videos and would like to learn much more. Am moving in about 6 months and will have to start a new garden area. I am sure that the new system would be very helpful there. I am throwin’ my hat in the ring…

  310. Karen Duffy says

    Moved from south Louisiana where it’s hot, wet and humid to Colorado. It’s 9300′, dry and windy. I’d love to get a free copy of your new product because I could use all the help I can get in this different climate. Love your emails!

  311. cliff whitefoot says

    Hello Mike,From a very wet and miserable Uk,I would love a free copy to help pass the time until the sun comes out again,I have loved all your email tips hope you keep ‘em coming.

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    I would love to have a copy of your book. It would be a tremendous help to my family and I.

    Thank for considering me.


  313. Janine Carlson says

    I have been reading your newsletters for years and often use some of your hints especially for propagation. I am now retired and my brother lost his job. We were thinking that since we both love gardening, your Backyard Growing System sounds like the best idea. Please include me in your “giveaway”. Thank you for this offer.

  314. Veronica Kristensen says

    I would love a free copy. My backyard is slowly turning into a jungle and I am desperate to change it. Making money by doing something I love would be an added bonus, so I am also throwing in my hat.
    I need some help!
    Thank you.

  315. Katie Schoepfel says

    Hi Mike
    I would love to get one of the copies of the new backyard system I have wanted to buy your system for quite a while but just don’t seem to have the money I follow your emails your website and you have given me so many wonderful ideas
    Even if I don’t win a copy please keep the emails and videos coming and have a wonderful day

  316. Debbie Alloway says

    Hey Mike… I would love to have a FREE copy of your new growing system! FREE is my favorite “F” word! ( but not the one I say the most) I hope I am a lucky winner.

  317. Michelle Colvin says

    I hopelessly love to be in the garden.I would love to recieve your new backyard gardening system as you have given me alot of information from your website.I propagate, see little plants growing and let them get to a certain size and do experiments with all types of plants. I collect seeds from plants that of interest to me and try to grow them. I have little income and don’t buy alot of things for the garden but it all seems to turn out well. I love your website!!!!

  318. Howard says

    Please throw my hat into the ring. Would like to know all about the latest information and tips about your systems.

  319. says

    Hi Mike,
    My wife and I live on four acres, so we’ve got plenty of space to grow a lot of “backyard” plants.
    Japanese Maples are my big weakness. I’ve never met one I didn’t like. In fact, I love ‘em all. And we’ve got several varieties planted around our “estate.”
    I really enjoy reading your growing tips (and watching your videos).
    I’d love to get a copy of your new, updated Backyard Growing System.
    John R. Cumbow

  320. Beth says

    I love getting your emails and find the information there very helpful. I have been diagnosed with MS and find about the only thing I can do with my disability is garden. I would love to have one of your programs to start a growing system.

    Thanks for your consideration.

  321. Kenny says

    To start with I love your emails . I wait can’t wait till they come . Like a little kid waiting for the mailman to come. Usually every other day , but sometimes a little longer in between. ( please excuse the spelling and gramer I am sitting here in the garden with my rooster on my lap and he is trying to help type LOL ) when your emails don’t come when expected I always check the spam to make sure they didn’t land there . The advice and information is just great. I would love to get a free copy of your program . I’m living in Germany but from N.C. I was wanting to buy you other program to read through . Not sure when it would pass here or not , But wanted to check it out to see if it is something for my brother. Who is trying to start a pick you operation for when he retires. Small plants and field grown plants would be better and more reliable than blueberries in my opinion . So I actually want 2 programs one for me to read through and use what I can here in Germany , and the second one for my brother so he could get a good base started of something when he retires. So I would love one of the first 3 copies . Then I could buy the second copy for him. LOL and don’t let where I live effect your decision on me getting a copy :-) because you can send it to North Carolina for I’m there 2 times a year. I am also self employed so I know the hard work that goes. Into a project and would never use one of your programs for 2 people Thanks Kenny. Berlin Germay

  322. Paul Wentworth says

    I would like to be considered for the free copy of the growing system. I have 28 acres of land ready to be put to good use.

  323. Ann Hubbs says

    I would love a copy of your new book. My son and I both like to garden. Having this book would give him more understanding on the subject. He is on disability and this would help support him.

    Thank you

  324. Alan Mully says


    I have been following your emails for years and always look forward to reading them..I have an ideal rural house and have probably 2 acres to use. I am recently retired and would like to start a growing program here to utilize my property and provide plants for the retail market.
    My hat size is a 71/2 if that helps!

  325. Carlotta says

    I would love a free copy of your new book! I’ve been out of work for several months and having a hard time finding a job. I would love to put your system into practice as a home business. Thank you for considering my “hat in the ring”.

    I’ve been looking at your system for some time now…hopefully, this is the time for me to get started. Again, thank you!

  326. Sandra says

    Hi Mike,
    I love getting your emails and all the information you share Thank You. I would love to receive a copy of your new book Small Plants, Big Profits from Home. I only have ½ an acre and would love to make good use of it. Thank You for the chance to win!

  327. Dave Barber says

    Mike I read and enjoy each email you send and have looked thru all the great advise on your website. I need to get myself going towards the backyard nursery system. I am getting to old to work in the heating and air conditioning business. I have tried many of your ideas and they have been fruitful. I just can’t seen to get my life together enough to make a business out of it yet. I would like to have the added advise available in this offer.
    Thanks Dave

  328. Jackie says

    I was going to keep my hat until I watched your video on Harry Lauders walking stick. Two years ago I purchased a plant at a garage sale because I like unusual and cheap. I haven’t been able to find out what it is. No one seems to know. It has a leaf similar to a geranium, has white blotches near the edges but the main stem or trunk is like the walking sticks you show in your video. Maybe I’m closer to knowing what it is just because I take the time to check out the newsletters you send me. Even if I don’t get the book thanks for this info very much. Jackie.

  329. Blayne Overman says

    This sounds like something I could do!!!! I’m semi-retired (forced) and could use the additional income!!! Here’s hoping I am one of the lucky three!!!!

  330. Gordon K says

    Hi Mike
    I’ve been following you since I stumbled across one of your videos on YouTube about a year ago. I’ve learned a lot from your websites and your clips, and my daughter and I have been enjoying bringing on plants and trees from seeds and cuttings, even if the summer has been really poor over here in bonnie Scotland!
    We would love to be considered for your new Backyard Growing System…
    Best wishes

  331. John Lorek says

    Hey, Mike, you certainly have gotten me excited about plant propagation techniques. I told a buddy of mine about it, and he immediately asked me if I would start with Gardenia Cuttings. He wants 6 – 8 for his yard, and so began another addition to my already busy schedules. I am using my screened-in front porch, and already ran out of room, so I have pulled back a little. Gardenias, Camellias, Roses, Magnolias, and Hydrangeas. You certainly have a unique down-to-earth way of getting ideas across, especially with your own hands-on demos of your techniques. My Mini-Greenhouses are inverted 56 Quart Clear Totes. Boy, do they work great. Thank you so much for helping me use up more of the time that I really need to use to be doing other things. By the way, I live in a Town, and don’t have a lot of room to do much in my back yard. Must have been beach frontage here several hundred years ago. The soil gets dry, really dry, within several hours after a major Rain and Thunderstorm move through. Have a great day, and continue with your great efforts. I look forward to your weekly E-Mail alerts. May God Bless You and your Family always.

  332. Wayne Gilbert says

    Would Love to get a Copy of your new plans, As I live in VA and it looks like that no matter how much I try I just can’t get much to grow, with your new program maby I can have better luck the next go around and I can show the others what I did with the help of your son and you, Everything is in full bloom now!!!Thanks for all you do for us.

  333. David Mahin says

    Mike, I can’t decide if I enjoy your emails for the information you give or the entertaining way you inform us. My hat is the one doing fancy, dancey, dizzy circles. Keep up the great work. You’re tops. Bookless or not, we are cheering for you all the way.

    Go Mike, GO!!!!

  334. Adlai Stevenson says

    I would love to be selected to received one of the copies of the book and other material. We grow some plants but need to improve the success rate and be more scientific in our approach.

  335. Lee Smith says

    I am currently growing and Hybridizing Daylilies but would like to expand my horizons with tree propagation. i live in zone 8 so the only Maples I’ve had any luck with is the Swamp Red Maple which is native to this area. Keep up the good work.


  336. Ray Mandeville says

    Hey Mike,
    Throwing my hat in the ring also I have a few acres here in Lenoir nc I sure would like 1 of your books! Thank you Ray

  337. Lori says

    Would love to have one of these free copies. Would love to start having plant sales next spring. Thanks for all the advice Mike!

  338. kathleen reifsteck says

    Wonderful I can not wait and def. Love to get a copy. We are taking photos of how our gardens look andthe produce. Thanks for all your tips!!

  339. Mike says

    I am currently on SSDI and could really use something like your system to get back on my feet & off the SSDI.


  340. Randy says

    Mike since I have been following you I have learned it is not impossible to make baby plants. I find it hard to prune any plant and compost the clippings because I feel like I am throwing away money. This year I have succeeded with propagation of plants I’ve never tried before. Just need to learn other aspects of the biz. Thanks for the confidence!

  341. Camille Halliwill says

    I found your site while doung research for a Biology class. I really enjoyed the online lesson you gave on plant propagation, so consequently downloaded your free book. I would love to win your gift you are offering, so im throwing in my big sun hat!
    Whether i win or not, i thank you for tbe wealth of information you share with your greatful followers which i can count myself one of.

  342. says

    Hi Mike and Dustin, I would love to receive your book as I am getting into the selling and swapping of seeds and bulbs and would love to know more about plants and how to raise them. I have a group on Facebook that is so exciting to see everyone’s flowers and trading seeds to get our flower gardens beautiful. It’s great what you are doing and if you have any advice or would like to join my group you would be more than welcome.. and I hope everyone else that reads this will join my group also. I’ve made some wonderful friends. Thank you.I wish everyone luck on winning..

  343. Russell Lee says

    Hello Mike
    I would love a copy to give to my mother who is on a fixed income and strugling to make ends meet. Thanks for all the imformation that was provided in the first copies which turned out to be priceless.

  344. John Butler says

    Mike, I have been growing berries for the last 8 years, started some trees last year, plan to add blue berries and cherry trees this spring. Building compost using grass trimmings, leaves, and steer manure. I have really enjoyed all the wonderful blogs you have sent out. They are priceless, I save them all. I do hope I may receive one of the free books as I’m sure it’s priceless as well. Any of your advice on pruning black & red raspberries would be of great help this fall. Drought and weed control have nearly killed my business this year.

  345. says

    I love this plant, and all of your wonderful tips that you give us. Each year, I try growing a new plant. This one would be PERFECT for me to try. All of my friends say I have a green thumb. I would love to try and try and test out their theory on this plant! Thank You,

  346. Barbara Borg says

    Hi Mike!
    I would love to be considered for the chance to win one of your new books and Backyard Growing Systems! I am a Master Gardner who’s still learning about proprogating and growing plants. Much of what I’ve learned is from reading your e-mails and watching your videos. Thanks for the wonderful educational opportunities! Keep calm and garden on! :)

  347. john moore says

    since I will turn 80 next month,I feel it’s time to start a new chapter in life, and since I enjoy “digging in the dirt” as my grandson says,this sounds like the right path. Thank you,John M.

  348. Doris says

    Hi Mike,
    Everytime I get one of your emails, I think “ooh, my friend with a spectacular tip”, open it right away and often discuss the tip of the day with my husband of nearly 5o years, also Mike. We have used so many of your tips, especially lawn care and preparing the ground for planting. Thank you and here comes my straw hat!

  349. Doreen Leigh says

    I would like to be considered for the giveaway. I am an avid reader of your site and would love to own a copy of the book. Small yard with lots of potential!! Even water gardening!! Thanks, Mike!

  350. Wellesley says

    Hi. We had our first backyard plant sale in the spring, inspired by your emails. We still have lots to learn. We’d love to receive one of the free backyard growing system. We’ve been hoping to do even more with the whole idea. Thanks so much!!

  351. Jan says

    Please enter me in your contest! By using your instructions this past year I have rooted several expensive bushes – free! Thanks!

  352. Deborah Martin says

    Moving out of NE -looking to start new ventures in new home – love all your tricks of the “trade” you pass along!!

  353. ozzie says

    don’t know what all the fuss about throwin a hat in a ring is about,but i have several hats and a pair of bibs…you could have your pick of the hats but i need the bibs for the garden…and you could give me a ring anytime…we’re in the book…i’m not as worried about making money as i am about making things grow…i can get things started just fine but can’t seem to keep them growing…and my wife could black thumb anything…she even had a few plastic plants die out on her…thanx for any consideration…

  354. Saundra says

    I have your other book “Easy Plant Propagation”. I’m new at this and have only been 1/2 way successful in propagation, I am selling at my local farmer’s market. I would sure love the help, and need it, with your new book and DVDs. Thanks for being there for all of us newbie’s.

  355. BB says

    We have always enjoyed working in our garden. Our home and garden were ravaged by the 9/8/2011 flood, Susquehanna River. While waiting for our home to be renovated, living in a FEMA trailer, we enjoyed reading all your goodies and are looking forward to implementing them next spring. We would love to have a free copy of your new book. Thanks for all your good input and advice…Two hats are in…Happy Autumn..

  356. Jan says

    Thanks, Mike. Here’s my hat in the ring for a chance to win one of the free copies of your book. I enjoy your advice and have learned alot from your videos.

  357. Bill Gill says

    I would like a free copy of your new book because I am just starting out in the nursery business and can use all the help I can get.

  358. Annette says

    You have the best ideas for making money. My husband is now retired and we are very interested in doing something like this. Thanks for the opportunity to get in the drawing for a free gift.

  359. TOM says

    I read this wonderful site every time it comes. There is always something to learn although my growing environment here in Santa Barbara California is slightly different than your (Especially in the Summer and Winter and Spring and Fall.)

    Thanks for what you do. Your story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to start over.


  360. caduser says

    Please add my Stetson to the ring.
    I have enjoyed and used info from your eletter for several years now.

  361. Scott says

    Hi Mike, consider my hat in the ring too!! I love watching your videos and look forward to seeing even more in the future….

  362. p says

    I would like to get one of these copies so I can see how it can be implemented into my hydroponics system.

    Thanks and I love your newsletters and site

  363. Pauline says

    I would love to have your book, Mike. I enjoy your ideas and new tricks to keep my plants and greenery alive and looking great.

  364. Christy says

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your tips for years-even though I’ve not had my own space to work. I just like learning, and you make it interesting. I’d love to give this to my dad so that when he retires soon, he can finally make use of his fertile space.


  365. Sue says

    Ditto! Who can’t use something FREE, especially something that could help someone make money doing something they already love doing.

  366. Joyce Hess says

    I am pitching my hat in. I enjoy reading your e-mails and watching the videos. Very informative. Thanks.

  367. says


    My hat’s in… would really like to see any updated information you can provide … just did some heavy duty clearing on my property to make room to do this…


  368. Doris Cote says

    I have been following your site for a long time now and would love to win one of your Backyard Growing Systems. We love your hints.

  369. says

    I have enjoyed your articles and encouragement from the very fist time you went on line. I even have a notebook with all of your tips and hints. I have a small country nursery and have tried to implement your instructions on growing and selling plants with some small success. Money is rather tight at present and customers are appreciative of the plants I have for sale. Thanks for staying with us and keeping us inspired. Carol

  370. Plant Lady says

    I am always trying to find ways of improving my growing methods. So your info could help me in ways that I could only dream of…Hats in the Ring.